This was a week of Eyeball creations for us!  My oldest son celebrated his birthday and always likes to have Halloween treats to bring to his class and also a Halloween Birthday cake.  We made him an Eyeball Cake for his birthday and these fun Eyeball Donuts for his school class.

Eyeball DonutsEyeball Donuts

We love Halloween around here!  My youngest boys have been busy decorating the entire house and making decorations such as Balloon Ghosts.  One of my favorite parts of Halloween is making fun Halloween treats.  My son requested something spooky to bring to his school class and for his Birthday party so we ended up making these Eyeball Donuts.  The best part?  They are simple to make!  No baking required. 😉

All you need is a few simple ingredients.

Supplies Needed for Eyeball Donuts:

Eyeball Donuts Supplies

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The directions are very simple and quite straight forward.

Step 1: Use a dab of writing gel or frosting to “stick” the chocolate chip to the LifeSaver Gummies.

Step 2: Use another dab of frosting/gel to stick the LifeSaver Gummies to the donuts so they stay in place.

Step 3:  Draw the blood vessels on the eyes with the red decorating gel.

Step 4: Eat!

Easy Eyeball Donuts

I typically like to bake my own treats but by using these Hostess mini-donuts I cut out the majority of the time it would typically take to make this treat.  Plus it was so easy that my boys were able to get involved in the creation.  Plus, I hear they were a hit with the kids at school

 Do you love making Halloween Treats like these Eyeball Donuts? What is your favorite Halloween Treat?

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Have a very SPOOKY Halloween!