We love easy Halloween decorations  that we can make ourselves and most years my boys get busy making fun things out of the craft supplies we have around the house as soon as September hits.  This year, one of the big boys was home sick for the day so we decided to make our favorite Balloon Ghosts because they were dying to have some decorations in the house.  We have shared these before but not the instructions to make them so I thought it was time to add those.

Easy Balloon GhostsBalloon Ghosts : Easy Halloween Decorations

I love these ghosts because they can be made in less than 5 minutes.  Now that is the perfect type of Halloween decoration!  You only need 5 supplies to be able to make dozens of these spooky Balloon Ghosts, and most of those supplies can be found around the house or left over from previous birthday parties.

Supplies needed, including affiliate links for convenience:

Step 1: Blow up the balloons.  Keep in mind before drawing a face on your balloon,  that the tie will be at the top of the ghost so you can attach a string and hang it up.   We made a couple of upside down ghosts. 🙂

Step 2:  Use the permanent markers to draw faces on the balloons.  Make sure to supervise children if they are decorating their own since permanent marker is…well…permanent. 😉

Balloon GhostsStep 3: Cut several long pieces of white crepe paper streamers of the same length and tape them around the bottom half of your balloon.

Step 4: Cut a piece of fishing line or string and tie it to the balloon.

Then you’re done!  You can either hang up the balloons by the strings or let your kids run around with their ghosts flying behind them.

Easy Balloon GhostsMy boys had fun running around with their balloons and letting them fly and then after awhile we tied them to our ceiling fan and the air blew the balloons around for us.  So much fun!

Ghost Balloons Do you do a lot of decorating at Halloween?

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