Foaming Dragon Science Experiment

We love science around here and this Foaming Dragon Science Experiment was fun to do over and over again. Foaming Dragon Science Experiment Science experiments are one of my boys’ favorite things to do together.  This Foaming Dragon Science Experiment combines a fun Dragon craft with a science experiment that teaches about acid/base reactions. Since all of my boys are in school, except my youngest, I have been trying to find science experiments that even a small scientist can do.  He loved this one! […]

Animal Trackers Club

It is a well-known fact that I love science and I love sharing science related activities with my boys. The Animal Trackers club is a great way to introduce even the youngest scientist to the world around them, starting with the one thing they already love: Animals!   Animal Trackers Club The Animal Trackers Club is a subscription box designed for children ages 3-6 that shares some of their favorite animals and teaches them all about their habitats through fun art projects and activities. […]

Top Science Books for Kids

I love science and we love to share our favorite science experiments. Today I am sharing some of the best science books for kids. Top Science Books for Kids A lot of people don’t know that I graduated in Biology teaching so science is kind of my “thing”.  I feel that kids naturally love science when they are young but as they get older they can lose that enthusiasm unless they have parents or teachers who keep science interesting to them.  I was kind of in that same boat until I had a high school Biology teacher who made science exciting again. Children love to explore and figure out the world around them so I always try to find scientific ways for my kids to understand the things they come in contact with in nature.  These are some of my favorite books that we have used to do experiments and to answer a lot of the questions that they have. […]

Ivory Soap Experiment – Only Soap and Microwave Needed

This Ivory Soap Experiment will literally have your kids on the edge of their seats as they watch the Ivory soap grow. Ivory Soap Experiment For this week’s Saturday Science post I am sharing a science experiment so simple, yet so exciting, that your kids will be asking for it again and again.  This microwave Ivory soap experiment only requires two things.  One, some Ivory soap.  And two, a microwave.  Please note that it has to be IVORY soap for this to work.  Other soap just won’t do.  But, it is fun to try out some different kinds of soap and have the kids predict what they think will happen. That’s a great way to introduce the scientific method to them at an early age.  (Ah..the science teacher in my is coming out. 😉 Ivory Soap Experiment […]

Fireworks in a Jar – Simple Science

Fireworks in a Jar is the perfect simple science project to get your kids ready for the 4th of July.  This week’s simple science project only uses 3 ingredients and the results are so much fun! Fireworks in a Jar This is a great experiment to show the interaction of water and oil and most likely you have all the supplies you need in your pantry right now.  The 4th of July is right around the corner here in the United States and since fireworks are a huge part of our celebration, I thought this would be the perfect experiment to share with my boys this week. […]

Bouncing Egg Experiment – Simple Science

I have been wanting to try this Bouncing Egg Experiment for a long time just to see if it would really work.  Can you really make a raw egg bounce without it’s shell?  Yes!  And I’ll show you how. Post contains affiliate links. Bouncing Egg Experiment I love simple science projects and this bouncing egg experiment was as easy as they come.  It does take a few days so make sure you have plenty of time if you are wanting to try this. […]

8 Simple Science Projects: Easy Enough for the Smallest Scientist

These simple science projects are easy enough for even the smallest scientist with a little help from mom or dad.  And most of them can be done with items found around the house. Simple Science Projects We are on the countdown until school gets out this coming Wednesday and so the search is on for fun ideas and activities to keep my boys entertained. My boys always love doing science experiments so today I thought I would share some of the simple science projects we have previously done on our blog.  These are all simple ideas that can mostly be done with items you have around the house (minus maybe a few ingredients.) […]

Will it Float? Simple Science with Prediction Chart

Will it float or sink?  My boys had so much fun gathering and testing different objects to see if they would sink or float when placed in water.  Their guesses were not always accurate. Simple Science: Will it Float? I love simple science projects that even my youngest scientists can enjoy.  This week’s simple science project we named, “Will it Float?”  We started by having my two youngest boys go throughout the house and find items that they wanted to test in the water to see if they would float or sink. […]

Saturday Science Blog Hop

Welcome to this week’s Saturday Science Blog hop!  I am off this week livin’ it up at SNAP blogging conference but I wanted to feature some really fun science projects from the girls of Saturday Science.  Make sure you click through to their sites and check out all of the awesomeness found on their blogs.  I will be back next week with another Simple Science project but until then, feel free to check out the Simple Science Projects found right here at The Joys of Boys. […]

Simple Science: Mentos and Soda Geyser

This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through the links go to help with the expenses of running The Joys of Boys. Soda Geyser I’m so excited to share this week’s Simple Science experiment.  This Soda Geyser is one of my all-time favorite science experiments to do with my boys.  It involves something exploding so of course it is right up their alley!  My boys would have watched this experiment all day if we had an unlimited amount of soda and Mentos. […]

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