I have been wanting to try this Bouncing Egg Experiment for a long time just to see if it would really work.  Can you really make a raw egg bounce without it’s shell?  Yes!  And I’ll show you how. Post contains affiliate links.

Bouncing Egg Experiment

Bouncing Egg Experiment

I love simple science projects and this bouncing egg experiment was as easy as they come.  It does take a few days so make sure you have plenty of time if you are wanting to try this.

Bouncing Egg Experiment

Supplies needed:

  • raw eggs
  • Vinegar
  • Bowl/container

To do this experiment just place the raw eggs in a container/bowl and cover with vinegar.

Bouncing Egg ExperimentPretty much instantly the vinegar will start dissolving the shell of the eggs.  Leave the eggs in the bowl for 4-5 days and everyday you will see that a little bit more of the shell has dissolved.

Once the shell is gone, the eggs will have a clear covering on them and will “bounce” until they break.

Bouncing Egg ExperimentWe had a little contest to see who could bounce their egg the highest without it breaking.  We decided that the covering on the eggs was pretty thin because we couldn’t bounce them very high.  But, my boys had a lot of fun playing with them.

bouncing egg experimentAnd of course since they are playing with eggs, please make sure they wash their hands really well after.  We don’t want to spread any bacteria around. 😉

Have you ever tried this bouncing egg experiment?

We found this experiment and several more in The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book.

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