Foaming Dragon Science Experiment

We love science around here and this Foaming Dragon Science Experiment was fun to do over and over again. Foaming Dragon Science Experiment Science experiments are one of my boys’ favorite things to do together.  This Foaming Dragon Science Experiment combines a fun Dragon craft with a science experiment that teaches about acid/base reactions. Since all of my boys are in school, except my youngest, I have been trying to find science experiments that even a small scientist can do.  He loved this one! […]

Homemade Slushie: Science with a Tasty Result

This summer has been HOT and we have enjoyed cooling off by making homemade slushies. How to Make a Slushie It is still miserably hot here in the desert, and since we can’t spend much time outside, we have to find ways to be entertained and stay cool inside the house.  We love doing science and this science experiment lets your kids learn about liquid/solid phase changes with a yummy slushie as the result. […]

Camp Google: Ocean, Space, Nature and Music Summer Camp

We love science arou [...]

Animal Trackers Club

It is a well-known fact that I love science and I love sharing science related activities with my boys. The Animal Trackers club is a great way to introduce even the youngest scientist to the world around them, starting with the one thing they already love: Animals!   Animal Trackers Club The Animal Trackers Club is a subscription box designed for children ages 3-6 that shares some of their favorite animals and teaches them all about their habitats through fun art projects and activities. […]

Halloween Science: Grow Your Own Monster

Halloween is the perfect time to do fun Halloween Science experiments like this Grow your own Monster experiment.   Halloween Science: Grow Your Own Monster Is your family starting to get into the fun and spookiness of Halloween yet?  We have less than a week before the big day!  For Saturday Science today I thought it would be fun to do a Halloween Science experiment and show my boys how to grow a monster.  It’s alive!! […]

Sound Vibrations: Simple Science

Our kids know that we hear with our ears but how does it work?  For our Saturday Science experiment today we are testing out different objects to show just how sound vibrations travel.  How Sound Vibrations Travel All sound travels in waves through a medium such as a liquid, gas or a solid and starts with the tiniest vibration.  The medium  must be present in order for sound vibrations to travel.  Sound vibrations move through different mediums at different speeds.  To test how sound vibrations work in various mediums,  all you need is a few simple objects from around your home. […]

Dry Ice Experiments

How cool are these Dry Ice Experiments from Crafting in the Rain?  My boys are going to be begging to go to the store for some dry ice. Dry Ice Experiments Can I just say how much I love science!  Science is the theme for this week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys and I am loving all of the experiments that have been shared. If there is one thing that I hope I am doing in my children’s education it is teaching them to love science as much as I do.  Sadly, children seem to lose their enthusiasm for science the older they get but I am determined to keep my boys excited about learning and experimenting.  It is experiments like these Dry Ice Experiments from Crafting in the Rain , that are just the thing to help keep their enthusiasm alive. […]

Easy Water Experiments

These Easy Water Experiments from Let’s Go Junking, are a perfect way to learn science and potentially stay cool. This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys,  our theme is Science!  Tracey from Let’s Go Junking is sharing 4 easy but really fun Water Science Experiments including how to make a Tornado!  My boys are so excited to try that. […]

Exploding Soda – Fun with Science

It is Science week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys and today Arien with One Krieger Chick is sharing one of our personal favorite activities: Exploding Soda! Exploding Soda You may have seen similar pictures floating around of soda exploding into the air but how does that work?  You can get instructions and see for yourself at […]

Nature Explorer Kit – Camping Activity

We love going hiking and being outside with our boys.  These Nature Explorer Kits will make nature really come alive for them. Nature Explorer Kits Every Summer my entire family plans a family get-away and this year I am in charge of the planning, food and activities.  We typically find a place where we can spend a good deal of time outside in nature and I found a really fun hike that we are planning on doing with the kids. We have quite a few smaller kids in our extended family and I was trying to come up with an idea that would make our hikes more entertaining for them and to help them really get involved with nature.  I came up with the idea of putting together some Nature Explorer Kits that would make it fun for the kids to explore the plants, bugs and animals we might come in contact with. […]

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