These simple science projects are easy enough for even the smallest scientist with a little help from mom or dad.  And most of them can be done with items found around the house.simple science

Simple Science Projects

We are on the countdown until school gets out this coming Wednesday and so the search is on for fun ideas and activities to keep my boys entertained. My boys always love doing science experiments so today I thought I would share some of the simple science projects we have previously done on our blog.  These are all simple ideas that can mostly be done with items you have around the house (minus maybe a few ingredients.)

Simple Science Projects

1-Soda GeyserSoda GeyserIf you want a simple science project that will have your kids thinking you are the coolest mom in the world, check out this Soda Geyser.  It’s easy to do with only 2 items needed.   But there is also one additional item you can be purchased that makes the geysers go even higher.

2-Rainbow Milk

Rainbow Milk ExperimentThis Rainbow Milk experiment is one that my kindergartener did at school and he had to repeat at home.  It is very basic and all you need is milk, food coloring and dish soap.  There are a few variations of this experiment but I actually let my son have free reign and he had a great time watching the color explosions.

3-Dancing Fruit Experiment

Dancing Fruit ExperimentI first saw this Dancing Fruit experiment when I was in the 5th grade.  I still remember my teacher doing it and wondering how it worked.  This one only requires some fruit and some soda and kids of any age will have fun watching the dancing fruit show.  It is simple science projects like this one that spark that interest in science at a young age.

4-Growing Crystals

Growing crystalsYou kids will love this growing crystals experiment.  Everyday they will be able to get up and see if their crystals have grown.  They continued to grow for a couple of weeks and the end result was awesome!

5-Balloon Rockets

Balloon RocketsThese Balloon Rockets are a great way to show your kids how air pressure works.  They will love making the balloon rockets soar back and forth.  All you need is a balloon, straw and fishing line.

6-Will It Float?

Will it floatMy boys had so much fun coming up with objects to test if they would float or sink.  Will it Float? is a great simple science experiment to teach the basics of forming and testing a hypothesis.  This experiment has a free printable prediction chart.

7- Easy Baking Soda Volcano

Baking Soda VolcanoDid you ever make a salt dough volcano in elementary school and then watch the eruptions of baking soda and vinegar?  This Easy Baking Soda Volcano is a simple variation of that experiment that can be made in minutes using a plate, foil and a cup.  Make sure you have a lot of baking soda and vinegar on hand because your kids will love watching this erupt again and again.

8-Homemade Gak

Homemade GakDid you know you can make Gak using just three ingredients?  This simple science project is a fun example of a simple reaction.  Read  more about it here: Homemade Gak (This does include Borax so should only be used with kids who are old enough to know not to eat it!)

So there you have it.  8 Simple Science Projects to help keep your kids busy over the summer.

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