Balloon RocketsBalloon Rockets

We all know that boys love anything that explodes, starts on fire or can fly through the air.  We have made paper rockets in the past and these balloon rockets provided my boys with the ability to let things fly in the house without getting in trouble. 😉  And all you need is items that most likely can be found laying around the house.  Don’t you just love inexpensive entertainment?

Supplies needed:

  • Balloons
  • Tape
  • Fishing line
  • Straw

Balloon RocketsAll you need to do is tie a string of fishing line to one chair.  Stretch the string to another chair but before tying it on to that chair, slide a straw over the string.  I used straws that were a little bigger like the ones they have at McDonalds.  Then tie the other end of the fishing line to the second chair.

Blow up a balloon and either hold the end or use a clamp like we did to hold it shut.  Tape it to the straw and let it go!!

Balloon RocketsWe even got in the Halloween spirit by making some ghost balloon rockets to let off and the boys loved watching them fly.

Balloon Rockets

This picture turned out a bit blurry but the balloons move so fast that it’s impossible to get a clear shot.  OR…  I should say, it’s impossible for someone with my photography skills to get a clear shot. 🙂

My boys are excited to debut this video of the balloon rockets that they made.  If you like it, it would make their day if you leave them a quick comment.  They are excited to be adding videos to our blog.   Have fun watching!

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