Our kids know that we hear with our ears but how does it work?  For our Saturday Science experiment today we are testing out different objects to show just how sound vibrations travel.

 Sound VibrationsHow Sound Vibrations Travel

All sound travels in waves through a medium such as a liquid, gas or a solid and starts with the tiniest vibration.  The medium  must be present in order for sound vibrations to travel.  Sound vibrations move through different mediums at different speeds.  To test how sound vibrations work in various mediums,  all you need is a few simple objects from around your home.

Items needed:

  • Long piece of thread or yarn
  • Table Fork
  • Any other large kitchen utensils

SOund Vibrations

Step 1: Tie the middle of the long piece of thread to the fork and wind the ends around your fingers.

Step 2: Swing the fork so that it hits the edge of your kitchen table or counter top.  What does it sound like?  It should sound like a dull thunk.

Step 3: Now touch you fingers to your earlobes.  What do you hear?

Step 4:  While holding your fingers to your earlobes, test it again and let the fork hit against your table or counter top.   How does it sound this time?

Step 5: Repeat with as many different kitchen utensils as you like.

Sound VibrationsHow do different utensils/mediums affect the sound vibrations?  What material works best for producing sound waves?  Why do you think that is the case?

We found that the metal fork produced a high pitched vibration and the wooden and plastic spoons produced almost no vibration at all.  The metal whisk made a much lower pitched sound and the vibrations traveled through the thread to our ears really well.

What other objects could we try?

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