Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Football Cookies

Football season is upon us and with that come tailgating! Do you love to spend time tailgating with your family? Today I’m sharing my husband’s favorite cookie recipe of Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies with a football twist to help get you ready for cheering on your favorite team while you tailgate from home with your family. Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies These are a great cookie to make because they do not require any baking. Just mix the ingredients together, heat them up and drop on waxed paper. Simple and perfect for day spent tailgating with your kids! And, this is one of my boys’ favorite cookie recipes. […]

DIY Pool Noodle Goal Post

Last month we threw the Ultimate Sports Party for my now 7-year-old and we had lots of fun using some of the pool noodle activities I shared on the blog last summer as well as this new pool noodle goal post.  I turned to my handy, dandy husband and asked him to come up with some sort of goal post to be used in a field goal kicking competition and this is what he came up with.  (We’re so lucky to have him around. 🙂 ) I’ll try my best to give a good description of how this was made but if I leave something out or don’t explain something very well, leave me a comment and I’ll have my husband answer.  Sound good? How to Make a Pool Noodle Goal Post […]

Sports Cupcakes

Last week I shared my son’s M&M’s basketball cake that we made for his 7th birthday.  Since his birthday fell during the week we did his sports party with friends this weekend and needed a little treat to give to them.  Of course we thought of sports cupcakes.  I will be sharing all of the fun we had at the party later this week. […]

Monday Motivation: He’s Just a Little Boy

It's baseball season [...]

10 Ways to Balance Motherhood So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

And so it begins!  The day that I tried to avoid as long as possible.    We are at the point where all three of my oldest boys are now involved in various activities.  Running two kids around seemed manageable, but three might just be the death of me.  I’ve always thought I was good at multi-tasking but just the thought of running in 3 different directions every night of the week has me feeling very anxious and overwhelmed.  And then I realize that I did this to myself.  I sacrificed my sanity so my kids can have different opportunities to have fun, be active and also to develop their talents.  Do all moms do that?  I think for the most part we do.  It’s in our nature to want our kids to be involved in the things that they are excited about and that teach them new skills.  I also feel like I have too much to do during the day so that my early evenings can be spent running kids around.  So how do I handle this time of my life without ending up in the loony bin? I’ve done a lot of reading on this topic and have come up with 10 ways to balance the demands of motherhood. 1- Learn to say no! I’ll be the first to say that I have a hard time with this one.  I want my boys to be involved in everything that they like but there comes a time where we have to make them choose which activities they like best.  It’s not only important for our sanity but theirs as well.  I know my kids have a heavier school load than I did at their age and getting them involved in too much extracurricular activities at such a young age could really stress them out.  Also,  I feel like I have a responsibility to help and serve not just my family, but people in my church and community as well.  And saying no gets me feeling really guilty.  We have to be able to be honest with ourselves and others and just say, “look, I really would love to be able to do that but I just can’t right now.”  And that answer is okay.  Our lives come in seasons and if you are a young mother with busy kids, your main service will be done in your home.  (And I’m not saying don’t serve others but know your limits and if things start affecting your health and sanity, it’s time to re-evaluate your commitments.) […]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game! 20 Benefits of Playing Sports

It’s the time of year again.  The gloom of winter is behind us and the ball park is calling our name.  My boys just started little league and I can’t but help think back to my childhood.  Where I grew up, we lived for baseball.  Looking back, it seems that playing ball may have been an actual requirement to live there.  Everyone lived at the ball park in the summer.  If you look through any Jr. High yearbook it will say, “Stay cute and cool and see you at the ball park.”   Maybe that’s why I get so excited to see my boys dressed in their uniforms and beginning to learn the game. I know that not all children love being involved in sports, but sports, in general, offer many physical, mental and emotional benefits to kids.  Here’s my top 20: 20 Benefits of Playing Sports […]

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