My boys have always been a bit obsessed with dogs – the stuffed variety that is.  So when we had a chance to receive a dog from The Happy’s collection, I knew they would be over-the-moon.  This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Cepia LLC and MomSelect.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The HappysThe Happy’s

The Happy’s are new interactive motorized pet from the makers of ZhuZhu pets and I seriously think they are the most adorable things ever.   My boys have always wanted to get a real dog, instead of the 20+ stuffed ones we have accumulated over the years.  But, this mama just can’t handle another living creature to take care of, so that is not going to happen.  But, with fun and interactive toys like The Happys, my boys can at least have part of the experience of having a dog.

The HappysMy toddler would be content to snuggle with his dog but when he puts him down and it takes off across the floor, he squeals in delight.  The Happys really play with you!  The Happy’s pets each come with a Happy treat that can make them do tricks, such as, pouncing, chasing, wiggling or begging.  All of the different treats work with any of the pets, so the more treats you have the more tricks you get. Fun!

The HappysYou can also purchase toys for your pets.  We had the Chase and Play Ball
and it was so fun for my youngest boys to see how their dog actually chased the ball across the floor.  I was really impressed with how interactive these pets really are.  And one of the best things for me personally, is that they don’t make a lot of noise!  I have wanted to get my boys pets like this in the past but they seemed so noisy.  Our Happy pet wasn’t that loud and I love that.

the happysI did find that our pet worked best on our hardwood floor and I would definitely avoid using them on carpet.  My two-year-old is not wanting to put his new puppy down and I think it is the perfect pet for him. 😉

The Happy’s are available at Toys ‘R Us, Wal-Mart, Target,  and Radio Shack.