While watching the summer Olympics this year and traveling with my boys for 5 weeks I decided that keeping up with and entertaining 4 boys all day everyday should be an Olympic event. And I’m pretty sure this summer I would have taken home the gold. 😉  What happened to the lazy days of summer??  More like the crazy days of summer.

These boys were busy, busy, busy.  Their days and nights were filled with water fights, gardening, bon fires, rodeos, parks, splash pads, zoo trips, reading books, playing with cousins, art projects, playdoh, board games, and road trips.

They splashed and swam.

Some slid, (I crashed).

And who knew that space travel could be so exhausting?  We took a day trip to Mars with a layover on the moon. We even had an up-close encounter with a very cute alien baby! (

They broadcast the news and forecast the weather;

Operated heavy equipment and learned to drive (Watch out world!  At least they won’t get too far with the car still hooked up to the gas pump 🙂 ) .

They lived in the wild and slayed a scary dragon.

And though there were no lions, we saw tigers and bears. Oh my!

And last but not least, they overcame fear, climbed to the sky and learned how to fly.

Are you exhausted yet? Just reliving it has me pooped and I’m not the only one:

Maybe next year we’ll shoot for a lazy summer but where is the fun in that?

Was your summer more lazy or crazy??

Summer vacation pictures are taken at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, Clark Planetarium, Hogle Zoo, and various places in the mountains of Utah.   All GREAT places to take little boys, in fact they are begging to go back next summer.