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One of the hardest things about raising boys is figuring out how to keep their clothes looking and smelling clean and fresh. Every day we deal with dirt, grass stains, markers/paint and a variety of other substances that find their way onto my boys’ clothes.  I’ve tried just about every detergent, including making my own, and I always come back to Tide because it just works better at keeping my boys clothes clean and getting rid of the “boy funk” smell that their clothes often carry.

Tide purclean

One thing that I personally struggle with is being allergic to pretty much everything that touches my skin.  Recently I had an allergic reaction to something that was so severe that I ended up at the eye doctor and the dermatologist in the same day as we tried to figure out why my skin around my eyes and my actual eyes were severely swollen.  We still haven’t figured it out, but my dermatologist recommended trying a different detergent that is made without some of the chemicals found in other products.

Tide Purclean Target

Tide just came out with a new detergent called Tide purclean that is not only easier on sensitive skin due to not having added dyes, but it is also better for the environment.  It is the first bio-based detergent that still has the same cleaning power as the regular Tide that I have always loved but better on the environment.


So far, so good!  After trying Tide purclean, I have found that our clothes still smell fresh and I haven’t had any reaction to the detergent. If you want to try Tide Purclean for yourself, you can pick up a bottle at Target using and get a 5% discount using the Target Cartwheel app.   Also, if you are lucky, your store may feature a neck-hanger coupon for an additional $1 off so make sure to look for that.