Whether you have multiple sons or one son, finding time to spend alone with them is hard.  I love these tips for spending one-on-one time with your son!

Tips for spending one-on-one time with your son

Tips for Spending One-on-One Time with Your Son

The days are so busy! I made a commitment early on to try to find time to spend alone with our kids, no matter what and my boys love having time alone with just mom. There are so many things we learn from each other when we are alone. I have always wanted them to feel special and to experience that special time with me. I asked the moms of our Moms of Boys Community how they spend one-one-one time with their son(s) and they delivered. I loved the responses they gave!

Lisa P.: “We go swimming once a week and on Sundays we go breakfast and go to church. I’m a single mom so it’s just us a lot of the time but I try to do stuff that is special for just my son and I.”

Aubree M.: “Before my second little came we would go on little “dates”. Children’s museums, ice cream, the park etc. But now with baby brother in tow, it’s more simple. He helps me cook dinner, story time on my lap, snuggles while we watch a movie, make crafts etc. I make sure when brother’s down for a nap it’s his special time to be with mommy! “

Barb W.: “We have five boys and make sure each of them get a special night once a month. We do it on the day of their birthday each month. So if they were born on the 6th they have a special night on the 6th of each month. We spend this time playing board games and such.”

Kristi S.: “My oldest and youngest boys love Korean BBQ. We go on dates once a month or so. It’s so interactive and just a great experience for all of us. I also do froyo dates, movies, I attend and help instruct their karate tests (the test one at a time), I volunteer in their classrooms weekly, go on individual hikes, and cook with them one on one when time allows.”

Ashley P.: “My boys are 4 yrs old and 8 months old. I sit on the floor and play with them, give them rides on my back, I read to them, sing to them, get an Elmo doll plush and make him talk to them and it always makes them laugh. We go outside for walks, or to play on their swing set or tiny trampoline. Sometimes we watch a movie or cartoon show together.”

Here are some of my own tips for spending one-on-one time with your son.

  • Make a schedule and stick to it – My time with my boys is the same time every month. It’s a schedule, set in stone. They have something to look forward to and so do I!
  • Do something your boys will love – It’s easy to pick out things that I love, but I also want to spend time doing things that they love.
  • Talk about your time together – I think it’s important to get my sons involved in talking about what they experienced. I love asking them if they had fun and what their favorite part was.
  • Make sure you find time for all kids – This is a must! You can’t spend special time with one son and not another. Make it equal! You don’t have to do the same stuff, but find time for everyone, this is so important.
  • Make the moments count – You may not be able to always get out and do something outside of the house. I still like to pull my boys aside and find one on one time with them. This may result in reading a book together or sharing a special snack with them. I try to make the moments count throughout the day.

Tips for Spending one-on-one time with your son

I think we can all walk away with some ideas for spending alone time with our sons. Do you have anything to add to this list?

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