Toilet Paper Roll Robot Craft

Robot craft

I love easy crafts that my boys can pretty much make themselves.  They are getting more and more independent and don’t necessarily want moms help anymore.  We all throw away toilet paper rolls every day.  Hang on to them to make this cute robot craft.robot craft

Step one: Paint your toilet paper roll.  If you don’t want to break out the paint you can always use markers but the paint shows up a bit brighter.robot craft

Step 2: Paint a masterpiece while you wait for your paint to dry.  Yes, this is what you get to expect when you turn a 4-year-old loose with paint.robot craft

Look what I made mom!  He may have been more thrilled about his mess than his robot. 🙂robot craft

Step 3:Paint a silly face on your robotrobot craft

Step 4: Roll pipe cleaner around a pencil to make it curly and stick in the sides for arms.  Use scissors or something sharp to poke a small hole in the sides for the arms to slip into.

Step 5:Stick a pom-pom on a toothpick and tape to the inside of the robot for the antennae

Step 6: Add small cotton balls for the robots control buttons or decorate however you like.  Let the kids get creative!

robot craft

This turned out to be super easy and fun!  My 4-year-old actually wanted to sleep with his but I ended up encouraging him to just let him watch him from his dresser. He’s not quite as soft as a stuffed animal.  🙂  Silly boys!

What is your favorite craft you have made with a toilet paper roll?  Who knew they could come in so handy.

If your kids love to paint, you should also make home made finger paint.  It’s so easy and hours of fun!

Idea inspired by Family Fun Magazine.