Firecrackers!Firecracker - 4th of July craft

I’m SO excited to share these today because they turned out so cute!  For the crafts I do with my boys I try to use items that we can find around the house.  We go through a lot of paper products and I’ve been trying to save a few (without becoming a hoarder) to use on our projects.

I have a wooden firecracker decoration that I got around the time I got married (many moons ago) and it looked easy to replicate with toothpaste boxes, but I think this one turned out cuter than the original.

We used different sizes of toothpaste boxes and cut one to be shorter for the front.  Then we painted them red, white and blue.painting

Once dry we tied them up with some red yarn and added some foam star stickers for decoration.  I was originally going to glue some ribbon to the top for the firecracker but found some firework toothpicks that I had bought at Oriental Trading a long time ago and they worked perfectly!!  We had to use a screw to get a small hole in the top and then inserted the toothpicks.firecracker-collage


This is one kid’s craft that I am happy to display in the front room.  So cute!