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School is in session and sending my kids with the same lunch everyday is a bit boring (for them and me!). This mini ham and cheese waffle sandwich recipe is a great alternative to your typical school lunch. You can make these up in advance and keep them in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to use them.

Mini Ham and Cheese Waffle Sandwich Recipe

These Mini Ham and Cheese Waffle Sandwiches are a fun twist on traditional lunch.

This mini ham and cheese waffle sandwich recipe is simple to make! You could even mix it up a bit with different meats and cheeses. Bar-S has a variety of different flavors of lunchmeat that you could try to keep things interesting each time you make these sandwiches.

Mini Ham and Cheese Waffle Sandwich Recipe



  1. Plug in your waffle iron so it is heating up while you mix your ingredients together.
  2. Mix your pancake/waffle mix together using the directions meant for waffles.
    Mini Ham and cheese waffle sandwiches
  3. Set the waffle mix aside and slice your Bar-S ham into smaller pieces and have your slices of cheese ready.
    Ham and cheese waffle sandwiches
  4. Coat your waffle iron in butter or non-stick spray then put a thin coating of waffle mix on the iron. Immediately add your ham and cheese to the middle and spread it around the waffle a bit.
    waffle sandwiches
  5. Add a thin layer of waffle mix over the top of the ingredients so they’re covered and then close the lid of the waffle iron.
  6. Once the waffle is finished, remove it and let it cool.
    How to make waffle sandwiches
  7. Use a cookie cutter if desired to cut out the sandwiches or leave them as they are. (I wasn’t sure if my boys would mind bringing hearts to school, so we cut ours. 😉 )
    mini ham and cheese waffle sandwiches
  8. You’re ready for a cool school lunch!

I feel so fortunate that my children are able to have a healthy meal or snack anytime they are hungry, but I know there are thousands of children who go without, especially in the summer when school meal programs aren’t available.

Bar-S has made a commitment to help knock out childhood hunger.  They have partnered with No Kid Hungry and have pledged to provide 1 Million meals by the end of 2017 to feed kids during the summer months when they don’t have access to free school lunches.

Click here to learn more about the partnership of Bar-S and No Kid Hungry and how they are helping to knock out childhood hunger.

Hope you loved this ham and cheese waffle sandwich recipe! What is your favorite lunch to make for your kids?