I know how frustrating it can be when it is 5pm and you realize it’s time to eat! The last thing I want to think about after a busy day is what I’m going to make for dinner! If your life has you running from place to place and always on the go, this weekly meal planner printable can really help you to keep dinnertime organized, even if the rest of your life is a bit chaotic.

Weekly Meal Planner Printable for Busy Families

There is nothing worse than 5 p.m. rolling around and realizing that you don’t have any plans for dinner. I’ve put together this weekly meal planner printable so that you can spend one day (I prefer Sunday afternoon) and plan out all of the meals for the week.

There is a place to list the things you need to buy, as well as the preparation that will be involved with each meal. For example, if you need to get some chicken out of the freezer or cut up some veggies in advance, you can list those tasks under “to-do” so you can see what is coming up each day.

And personally, our family always plans for a pizza night! Mama needs a break! Friday night is typically pizza and game night at our house. This allows us to wind down and talk about the exciting things that happened throughout the week.

As moms, we know that there are always a million things we need to keep straight in our minds. When I have taken the time to plan out my meals in advance and write them down, it takes a huge weight off of my shoulders in the afternoons when dinner is approaching.

Dinner is just one of those things that when planned, doesn’t have to be an added stress. I actually like to get my boys involved in the kitchen and have them help me with the cooking. Here are some tips for getting your boys to help in the kitchen.

Download the  Meal Planner Printable:

What tips do you have for making meal time more organized? Share in the comments!