The day has come and soon ghosts, witches and skeletons will be haunting our neighborhoods.  If you are planning Halloween parties or need a little something fun for the kids to help hold them over until trick-or-treating time, here is a fun and spooky Halloween game that would work perfectly for any Halloween party at home or in school. (Download your free game below!)

A Spooky Halloween Night

Spooky Halloween Game

I had so much fun writing this Halloween game! As my kids have gotten older, it has been harder to find age-appropriate games for the holidays.  They love this game!

The only thing needed is a piece of paper and something to write with.

Have the kids close their eyes and start drawing as you read.  The entire time you are reading, they should keep their eyes closed.  No peeking or it isn’t as fun!!  They will draw the spooky scene as you read the story. Make sure to pause between each number to give them time to complete their drawing.

Then at the end, they can open their eyes and see what they have made.  Kids will get a kick out of seeing how their pictures turned out. We’ve had lots of fun with this game and the great thing is, it will be different every time you play it.

This is a great Halloween game for class parties at school because it doesn’t involve very much preparation and no clean up!  How many times have you seen the school Halloween parties get completely chaotic and crazy?  So this is fun without the mess or chaos. Teachers everywhere will be thanking me 😉  I recommend this game for 6 years and older but it could easily be adapted to younger kids.

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Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!