This printable Halloween Charades game will be a hit of your next Halloween party and would be perfect for a school class Halloween party.


Halloween Charades

My youngest boys have been obsessively decorating our house for Halloween and planning their costumes.  While they are busy getting the house ready for the holiday (inside and out) I’m trying to keep up to our busy schedule.  It seems as though October is always full of activities and somehow I always end up helping at the school Halloween parties.  Now, I love parties, and especially holiday parties, but we all know that party planning can be STRESSFUL.  That’s why I’ve put together this Halloween Charades game as a fun activity for any Halloween party and any age group, without the work.  All you need to do is print, cut and play. 

Watch your friends or your kids turn into a skeleton, ninja or mummy.  You’ll laugh as you watch your family and friends acting out walking through a spider web or bobbing for apples.

This Halloween game will also help to keep the kiddos entertained on Halloween night until it is time to go out trick-or-treating.  We all know how hard that time of night can be. So while you are busy making last-minute fixes to costumes, you can print out this game and provide cheap holiday entertainment for your kids.

 You can get the printable Halloween Charades Game below:

And have a great time turning into a Mad Scientist or Frankenstein.

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What is your favorite Halloween party game?  Do your kids have Halloween parties at school?