Is it possible in today’s society to teach your son to be a gentleman?  Yes, definitely!

Be a Gentleman

How to Teach Your Son to Be a Gentleman

You’ve heard the saying “Boys will Be Boys”.  In my experience, it is true…to an extent.  But I don’t believe it means that our sons are just creatures of instinct who can’t learn manners or respect for others.  I know that “Boys will be Boys” really does apply at times, and sometimes I just stare at my boys wondering what is going through their heads, but I hope I am teaching each of my sons  how to be a gentleman.

It seems as though crude and rude is becoming more acceptable, but just because something is accepted as a societal norm, doesn’t mean it is the way I hope to raise my boys.  I want to start creating habits of good behavior while my sons are young so that they can see the importance of respecting other people as they grow.

Things Boys Should Learn to Prepare to Be a Gentleman

Use Table Manners

Let’s start with the obvious!  To be a gentleman, boys need to learn table manners.  I’ll be honest and say that this is something we struggle with at our home.  But we are trying to teach our boys table manners such as chewing with their mouth closed (Seriously!), keeping bodily noises away from the dinner table, not reaching across the table for things but asking politely for food to be passed, using a napkin instead of a sleeve and not eating with their hands (You would think they would have learned by now). And,  now that they are getting older, we also are teaching them to keep electronics turned off during family dinner and participate in family discussions. All of these things prepare boys for dating and being in professional situations. Teaching table manners takes time and daily reminders.

Have Good Work Ethic

I want to teach my boys how to work hard in life so that when situations come up to serve others, they are willing and able to do it.  Too many youth (and adults!) don’t want to be inconvenienced by hard work.  I especially want them to be outside getting their hands dirty. When they are older,  I hope they will work hard  and be able to take on any responsibility given to them.

Be Confident

To be a gentleman, boys should learn to be confident.  This is a struggle with a couple of my boys, but we are teaching them to look people in the eye and speak clearly.  Also to shake hands when necessary and say nice to meet you. It is a big challenge for my older boys, but something that will help them out in life in the long run. To help them learn confidence in social situations, I give them a challenge when we are at church or when they are at school so interact with at least 2 adults and practice looking them in the eye and speaking up.  It is a work in progress, but it is getting easier for them as they do it each week.

Show Good Sportsmanship

My boys are involved in a lot of sports and we have seen some pretty poor behavior from many adults at games.  Part of being a gentleman is learning how to win and lose graciously.

Watch for Ways to Assist Others

To be gentlemen, boys need to learn to offer assistance to others.  I want them to learn to hold the door for someone, give up their seat on a bus,  open the car door and hold the chair for their dates (when that time comes).  I was completely shocked on a recent flight as I watched a young mother struggling to fold down her stroller before loading a plane while juggling a small baby, diaper bag, carry-on bag and other essentials.  I was back in the line but watched as person after person walked by her and watched her struggle, never offering to help.  A gentleman would have at least offered to help her fold her stroller up and carry her bags, even if they weren’t comfortable helping with her child.  By the time I reached her, the baby was crying and the mom was obviously frazzled.  I offered to help with her bags and she was so grateful. Now I understand that kindness doesn’t just have to come from a gentleman, but I couldn’t believe that nobody offered to help her out.  I want my boys to always be on the look out for someone to help, even if it is inconvenient. Our society has become so selfish.

Learn By Example

I understand that not all boys have a father in the home, but I believe the best way to learn to be a gentleman is by following the example of someone who shows respect and generosity to others.   That person might be a coach, teacher or leader from church. But having an example to follow, is a great way to teach your son to be a gentleman.  And moms, if you are raising your sons alone, I applaud you for your hard work, love and devotion that you are giving as you strive to raise respectful and kind sons.

In a world where they say chivalry is dead, I hope to show that our sons can grow in to strong, capable men who have learned respect, generosity, and confidence.  It starts at home as we work to teach each son how to be a gentleman.

What are some things you are doing to teach your son to be a gentleman?

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