If you have a Disney vacation planned for the near future, this Disney Countdown Chain is the perfect way to help your kids countdown those long days until your Disney vacation begins.

Disney Countdown Chain

Disney Countdown Chain

I was able to put this Disney countdown chain together in just a few minutes and the boys have loved taking turns tearing off a part of the chain each day as we count down the days until our next Disney trip.  It seems like our vacation will never come but we love watching our chain get shorter each day.

How to Make a Disney Countdown Chain

You don’t need many supplies or crafting skills (which I lack 😉 ) to make this Disney chain and it can be done in minutes.

The supplies you need include:

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Disney Countdown Chain


  1. Cut 1″-2″ strips out of the paper.  I cut 2″ strips because I liked how they looked.
  2. Cut an extra strip of black paper for the Mickey Mouse ears and cut each strip in half.
  3. Start with a black strip of paper and make a loop.  Secure with a staple. Continue to loop the papers rotating black, red, yellow white until you have the amount of days that you need.
  4. To make the Mickeys, staple the shorter pieces of paper into a loop and then staple onto the sides of the black chain loops.  Continue until all of your Mickeys are complete.
  5. Cut small circles out of the White paper and glue on to the red for Mickey’s buttons.  I used white stickers and they were perfect.
  6. Cut out some red string/yarn and staple to the top of your chain. Then tie a bow and hang it in your home.Disney Vacation Countdown Chain


Each day before your trip, rip off a piece of your chain until you are down to your last Mickey. Then your trip is here!

Countdown to Disney Chain

Pretty simple right?  You can also look at our Free Printable Disney Countdown which can be printed out and used right away.

Disney Countdown Printable

When is your next Disney Vacation?

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