I love Disney and I love surprises so when I was invited to take my family to the Disney Social Media Moms conference in Disney World, I knew that I wanted to surprise my kids when the time was closer.  Today I’m sharing how I surprised my kids with our Disney vacation and what their reaction was.

Disney Vacation

How to Suprise Your Kids With a Disney Vacation

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I was thrilled to be invited to the Disney Social Media Moms conference in Disney World! This has always been a goal/dream of mine since I started blogging and when the magical email appeared in my inbox,  my heart started racing and I couldn’t believe it was real.  I knew my boys would be ecstatic but I wanted to wait until the trip was closer before telling them.

We thought about telling them at Easter, but decided to put it off a bit longer.  Once the magical things, such as Magic Bands and luggage tags started to show up at my house I knew I couldn’t put if off and I wanted them to be able to get excited about the things coming in the mail as well.

I decided to wrap up a box with our Magic Bands, Disney t-shirts for each of us and water bottles that I had picked up on an awesome sale at The Disney Store and include a note from Mickey.  I wrapped it up with a tag to our family and was ready for the surprise.  While we were at church and they were in their classes, I snuck home and left the box on the table so that they would see it right when they got home.  They were so surprised!

 Hallmark Disney Mickey Mouse Wrapping PaperHallmark Disney Mickey Mouse Wrapping Paper Mickey Mouse Distressed T-ShirtMickey Mouse Distressed T-Shirt Mickey Mouse Water bottleMickey Mouse Water bottle

You could even use some Mickey Mouse wrapping paper to make it extra fun! And instead of a paper tag, you could hang one of these awesome luggage tags that can then be used on their suitcase.


Disney Vacation surprise

Disney travel tip:

Let me tell you one of my very favorite Disney tips. Traveling to Disney with kids is pretty pricey, but add on lots of souvenirs and you can really break the bank (Not saying it isn’t worth it, but if you can use this trick to save money, why not! 😉 ) So before any Disney trip, I ALWAYS hop over to The Disney Store and check out their sales page. You can find dozens of items for a great deal. I then bring those along and surprise our kids with them, and then maybe let them purchase one fun thing in the park. Saves a ton of money!

Also make sure to look at some Disney luggage! The trip will be even more magical if you can pack everything in a suitcase with your favorite Disney Character.

Letter from Mickey

My letter from Mickey Mouse and family tag was fun to put together.  I found  free Mickey printable backgrounds and free Disney-inspired font to add a special message.

To make your own, download both and use a program such as my favorite easy editing software PicMonkey or  to create your own card.

If using Word, add the saved card to a document by adding it as a picture. Then create a text box over the top of the card where you can add the text. Then you can print.

If using PicMonkey, just click on edit picture, upload your picture and click the text button on the side. Select “Ours” at the top of the fonts list and select the Disney font you downloaded. A text box will come up and you will be able to add your text and save your image. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.

Disney Vacation

They ripped open the box and my youngest boys automatically went for the Magic Bands and water bottles, while my older boys read the card.  A minute or two went by before my 6-year-old realized that we were going to Disney World!  He was happy with the cool new bracelet and shirt. 😉  Once the realization sank in, they were bouncing off the walls all night long!  They automatically got on the computer and started looking up the rides that they wanted to go on and we made a Disney Vacation Countdown Printable as well as a Disney Countdown Chain.

Disney Vacation Surprise

If you are planning to visit Disneyland, make sure you read about our favorite things for boys at Disneyland.  And this article on the differences between Disneyland and Disney World may be helpful if you are visiting one of the parks for the first time.

And print out our Disney Vacation Planner to help take the stress out of your trip.

Have you ever surprised your kids with a Disney Vacation?  Did they react in the way you had hoped?

Surprise kids with Disney Vacation

If you are planning a Disney Vacation, you will also need these:

Disney Countdown Printable

Days Until Disney Countdown

Disney Countdown Chain

Disney Countdown Chain

Disney Vacation Planner

Disney Vacation Planner


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