Each of my boys has gone through a dinosaur stage, where they either play with dinosaurs, have to watch dinosaur shows or share thousands of dinosaur facts per day.  We are a dino-loving house!  So naturally a dinosaur craft is right up their alley.  We love this easy Dinosaur Craft for kids to make themself.  Let them get creative with their dinosaur!

Dinosaur Craft for kids

Dinosaur Craft for Kids

Whether you kids like T-Rex or Triceratops, this easy dinosaur craft can be adapted to make their favorite.  We love this Triceratops and had fun making him.
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How to Make an Easy Dinosaur Craft

Supplies needed:

Easy dinosaur craft

 Foam Craft Sheets All Purpose Glue Peel & Stick Wiggle Eye Sheets CrayolaColored Pencils



This dinosaur craft uses toilet paper or paper towel rolls, as the feet for your dinosaur. The body of the dinosaur sits inside of slits cut into the toilet paper rolls.  It is easy to make and kids can create any type of dinosaur in  the same way.

Step 1: Start by cutting the toilet paper rolls in half or the paper towel rolls in thirds/fourths (however tall you want your dinosaur!).

Step 2: Cut a slit halfway down through the middle on each side.

Dinosaur crafts for kids

Step 3: Draw a basic dinosaur body shape on one color of craft foam.  Cut out the body.

Step 4: Glue the eyes on and draw a face.How to make a dinosaur craft


Step 4: Cut some spikes, a tail, horn and other dinosaur pieces, glue into place on the body.  Let kids get as creative as they want.  Dinosaurs don’t have to look a certain way. 🙂

Easy dinosaur craft

Step 5: To assemble the dinosaur stick the bottom part of the body into the toilet paper roll slits.

Dinosaur craft kids

And you are done!  One stompin’, but friendly Triceratops. 

What is your child’s favorite dinosaur?  Share in the comments!

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