This Easy Jingle Bells Craft is fun for even the smallest crafter.  They will love making music with their jingle bells!

Jingle Bells Craft

Easy Jingle Bells Craft

My boys are in complete Christmas mode right now and we have been having a lot of fun making simple crafts and decorating the house.  We received some fun craft supplies from Craft Project Ideas and when I saw bells and fuzzy craft sticks, I knew we needed to use them to make some jingle bells for my kids (especially my youngest two) to play with and enjoy.

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These are SO easy and don’t require any glue, paint, etc so they can be made in a flash.  Have I told you lately how much I despise the hot glue gun?  Yeah…you don’t need one for these!

All you need is:

Jingle Bells craft

All you need to do is thread the jingle bells onto the fuzzy sticks.  You can do as many or as little as you want.  My 5-year-old added as many jingle bells as he could possibly fit.  Also, if you want you can use more than one color of fuzzy sticks and thread the bells over that but it is a little harder to get them to go on.

Jingle Bells craft

Once you have the jingle bells threaded over the fuzzy sticks, make a circle and twist the ends together until they are secure.  I used some wire cutters to cut off the excess wire or you could keep twisting it around until the sharp edges are no longer sticking out.

Jingle Bells Craft

Then to finish it off and cover up any ends that might be poking out, I tied another fuzzy stick around where the ends were connected and made a little bow.  I just tied it like you would your shoes.

And there you have it.  A cute jingle bells craft that took less than 10 minutes and if my boys aren’t playing with them, they look really cute on the Christmas tree.

Jingle Bells craft

We’ve been making these for a couple of years.  Look at how tiny he looks! SO curly!

Jingle Bells

I hope you and your kids love these easy jingle bells!  Do you love making Christmas crafts?  I’d love to hear about them.

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