Football playoff season is here, and that means families everywhere are getting together with friends and gathering around the big screen to cheer on their favorite team and to eat some yummy food!

But sometimes it can be hard to enjoy the game if you have little ones to entertain who aren’t quite as excited about the game as you might be.

When you host your next football game day party, print these Football coloring pages to help keep the kids busy so you can stay focused on being the best host to your guests, (and enjoy the game too!)

Football Coloring Pages

Printable Football Coloring Pages

Kids love to be where the action is, so keep them involved but also busy by printing these off and letting your kids color them on the coffee table, while the game is on.

Football Coloring Pages

Print Football Coloring Pages HERE

Also, with football parties, comes lots of yummy party food. Wings, sliders, chips and dips. All the perfect foods that can make a nightmare of a mess when kids start to help themselves.

Football parties are a fun time to connect with friends and family and you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping the littlest of kids entertained. I hope you love these Football Coloring pages!

And make sure to grab a copy of Football Charades!! This is our very favorite game to play at a football party. Kids and adults can both play together and have a lot of fun together.

Football Games Charades

And don’t forget some fun Football-themed food. These recipes will be a huge hit! We love the no-bake football cookies.

What is your favorite way to party during the big game? Do you have a favorite recipe or party game that you play with your family and friends?

Having fun together with friends and family should always be the best part of watching the game together.