Give the #boymom in your life the perfect gift with one of these super fun Gift Ideas Moms of Boys will absolutely LOVE.

Gift Ideas Moms of Boys will love including moms of boys t-shirts, mugs, journals, wall hangings and moms of boys jewelry.

Super-Fun Gift Ideas Moms of Boys will Absolutely LOVE

Nearly 15 years ago I had my first son.  Then another….and another…and one more caboose. There is just something so fun and fulfilling about raising all boys, even if it isn’t always a walk in the park. Unless it is Jurassic park. Then, yes it does feel like a walk in the park!

Boys can be adventurous, exhausting little creatures.  But those of us who are raising boys wouldn’t have it any other way!  I love all of these fun gift ideas for all the boy-mamas out there.

Take a look at this list and let me know which item is your favorite!

Gift Ideas Moms of Boys Will Love

1. Mother/Son Journal 
 A Mother and Her Son, A Shared Journal Adventure

What mom doesn’t want to connect more with her son? It can often seem like they are from different planets or speaking a different language. I absolutely love this Mother and Her Son journal! A mom and son can pass this journal back and forth over time filling out fun question prompts about their lives. There is even an “Ask me Anything” section for questions that might come up.

Boys often don’t like to open up to people and this journal will help them move beyond yes or no answers. Once the journal is completed, there is a certificate at the back for a fun prize or outing of their choice. This Mother and Son journal will be a treasured keepsake years down the road when the son moves out on his own (although we won’t think about that day right now because let’s not make ourselves cry!!)
This makes the PERFECT unique gift for the mom of a boy.


To learn more about this Mother and Her Son Journal click here. 

2. Mom of Boys Shirts

Proud Mom of Boys

 Proud Mom of Boys TshirtProud Mom of Boys Tshirt

A mom of boy(s) can show off the pride she has in her son with these t-shirts. I love that there are options for if a mom only has one son. Show off your boy-mama pride with these proud mom of boys t-shirts.

Queen Raising Kings/Queen Raising A King

 Queen Raising Kings Tee Shirt Queen Raising a King Tee shirt

These Queen Raising Kings and Queen Raising a King tee shirts are for the mom of boy(s) who is the queen of her castle and is doing her best to raise her boys right. I absolutely love these shirts and love that they come in lots of different colors.

3. Fun Wall Hangings About Raising Boys

 Hold Him a Little Longer quote Little Boys Should Never Be Sent to Bed quote A Woman with All Sons Will Be Surrounded by Handsome men

There are SO many fun sayings about raising boys. Find more HERE

4. Mom of Boys Mugs/Water Bottles

I love these! I especially love the travel mugs and bottles because moms of boys are always on the run!

 Love My Boys Water Bottle Mother of Boys Travel Mug Mom of Boys Mug

Check out more mugs and water bottles HERE.

5. Bracelets for Moms of Boys

If you know a mom of boys who loves jewelry, these are a lot of fun! There are different styles for every taste and occasion.

 Boymom Bracelet Mother Son Cuff Bangle Outnumbered Mom of Boys Bracelet Boy Who Stole My Heart Love Between Mother and Son 

6. More Necklaces for Moms of Boys

Here is another option for the “boymom” who loves jewelry. I would love to own every single one of these Boymom necklaces.

 There’s This Boy Who Stole My Heart , He Calls Me Mom There’s this Boy Train necklace It’s a Boy Personalized Necklace

7. Sports Mom Shirts

How fun are these “Sports Love” shirts! These are a must-have for moms to wear while cheering on their favorite athletes.

 Baseball Heart T-shirt Basketball Heart T-shirt Soccer Heart Shirt Football Heart T-shirt

8. Vinyl Car Decals about Raising Boys

 Raising Boys Decal Queen of the Castle decal Raising Boys Vinyl Decal

I hope this list gives you some inspiration next time you need a gift idea for a mom of boys.

Gift Ideas Moms of Boys will love including moms of boys t-shirts, mugs, journals, wall hangings and moms of boys jewelry.

Are you a mom of boys? What are your favorite gift ideas mom of boys would love? 

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