If there is one thing my boys struggle with the most at school, it is handwriting!  When it comes to handwriting, some kids get it and some kids don’t. If your child is having some trouble understanding the ins-and-outs of handwriting, work with them by utilizing these activities to improve handwriting.

Improve handwriting

Activities to Improve Handwriting in Kids

Each of my boys has struggled with handwriting at one time or another.  I’ve decided they are in too big of a hurry to finish their work, that they don’t take the time to make their handwriting neat.  Plus, boys tend to lack in fine motor skills, and often do not hold a pencil correctly.  Here are some activities you can do with your children to help improve handwriting.  Post contains affiliate links.

Finger Painting

When children are small, you can begin to develop their fine motor skills, which will make handwriting easier when they begin school.  Allowing your child to finger paint, will help them as they prepare to use a pencil. Children will eventually learn how to write with a pencil, but before, they need to know how to make movements with their fingers.

Hands-On Activities

Any activity you can do with your hands is a great activity for kids that are learning to write. Fine motor skills can be defined when a child is cutting, coloring, and pasting. It’s all about getting those little fingers to move around.  My youngest loves cutting snowflakes all year round and that is great for developing fine motor skills.

Practice Correct Pencil Grip

My boys have no problem pinching each other, but grasping their pencil correctly has been more challenging.  Have your child practice using their pincher fingers to pick up small objects. One of my boys needed a special Pencil Grip to help him hold his pencil correctly. It took a lot of practice before he could grip it tight enough to write correctly.

Make it Fun

Some kids just do not find writing very much fun, but it is an important skill that we all need. So make it fun! Have your child draw for a little while each day or purchase some activity books that include mazes or dot-to-dot puzzles.  Their handwriting can improve while they are having fun.

Getting your child to improve their handwriting skills, won’t be easy. With a little bit of fun and hard work, your little guy or gal will be writing better in no time. Just remember to make it fun!

What tips do you have for helping children improve handwriting skills?

improve handwriting

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