Did you know that Ivory soap floats?  Yes it does!  And it is perfect to use to make boats.   These Ivory soap boats will have kids begging to take a bath.

Ivory Soap Boats

Ivory Soap Boats

I can still remember when my older brother brought home  bars of Ivory soap for cub scouts and he began carving all sorts of fun things out of them.  It was then that I learned that Ivory Soap
floats!  Who knew.  I explained a little bit about how and why Ivory soap floats in our Ivory Soap Experiment, but today we’re making Ivory soap boats, because who doesn’t want a boat made out of soap? 😀

How to Make Ivory Soap Boats

Supplies needed:

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  • Ivory Soap (It MUST be Ivory.  No other soap will float.)
  • Something to carve with – I gave my boys plastic knives or butter knives
  • Straw or skewer for the mast
  • Washi Tape, Duct Tape or paper for the sail

I love that this craft is perfect for all of my boys to make and encourages them to use their creativity.  They each went to work designing and carving their perfect boat.  If you had older kids, a pocket knife would have worked a bit better to make the boats more detailed, but we did just fine without a sharp knife.

Step 1:  Let kids design and carve out their boat.  The possibilities are endless!

Making Ivory Soap Boats

Step 2: Cut straw or skewer to desired length and insert into soap for the mast.

Step 3: Use washi tape, duct tape or paper to cut out the perfect sail. Attach the sail to the boat and you are ready for a nautical adventure.

I love that this is a craft and a toy in one.  My youngest boys have had fun floating their boats in the tub with them during bath time.  It also makes scrubbing time more fun which is a bonus for mom.  No more bath time battles!

Ivory Soap Boats

Did you know that Ivory Soap floats?

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