We love showing our “Disneyside” around here and Mickey has always been my favorite Disney character.  These Mickey Mouse Crispy Treats would be the hit of any Disney party.

Mickey Mouse Crispy Treat

Mickey Mouse Crispy Treat

I will always remember my first trip to Disneyland when I was five and how we all loaded up in our old brown car with pillows and blankets and made the 12 hour drive (55 mph speeds limit!) in one day.  Then we repeated that magical trip every five years, although not in the same brown car!  Out of all of the magic and amazement that could be found in the park, my favorite thing at each trip was meeting Mickey Mouse!  To this day I love looking for secret Mickey’s and especially love all of the Mickey-shaped food.  These chocolate Mickey Mouse Crispy Treats, made with our yummy Chocolate Marshmallow Crispy Treats,  take me back to the days when I was a young girl experiencing the magic for the first time and they make the perfect addition to any Disney-inspired party!

These are easy to make and so tasty!

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To make, mix up your double batch of Chocolate Marshmallow Crispy Treats and flatten them into a greased cookie sheet.  Let cool and then cut out with the Mickey Cookie Cutter.  Make sure to eat all of the left over scraps.  That is the best part! 😉

Making Mickey Mouse Crispy Treats

Follow the directions on the package to heat the red candy melts until smooth.  Dip the bottom of the Mickey head into the red candy melts and place on wax paper or foil.

How to make Mickey Mouse crispy treats

Add two M&Ms for the buttons and let the candy cool until hard.

Mickey Mouse Crispy treats

Once the candy coating has hardened, push a sucker stick into the bottom (optional) and you have the perfect Disney-inspired treat.

Mickey Crispy Treat

What is your favorite Disney memory?  I’d love to have you share it in the comments.