We have a lot of fun in the kitchen creating different fun recipes with pancakes.  My youngest asked for a Puppy birthday this year so I wanted to surprise him with a fun breakfast.  I think these pancake puppies turned out adorable!  I’m sharing our pancake puppies recipe below in case you have a dog-lover in your house who would love these for breakfast. We also made some puppy cupcakes that he loved.  His puppy birthday was fun and pretty simple, and most importantly, he LOVED it!

Pancake Puppies Recipe

Pancake Puppies Recipe

These Puppy Pancakes were so simple to make and the smile on my little guy’s face was priceless when he woke up to see these on his birthday.  He couldn’t stop smiling!

How to Make Puppy Pancakes

How to Make Pancake Puppies


  • Favorite pancake batter recipe
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Mini-Chocolate Chips
  • Hot griddle

Start by heating up your griddle while you mix up your favorite pancake batter recipe. When your pan is hot, make one large circle pancake for the head, one smaller pancake for the nose and two oval-shaped pancakes for the ears.  Look at the pictures to see the exact shapes we used for our puppy pancakes.

Put the puppy together by placing the large circle on a plate and covering with the smaller circle pancake.  Place the oval pancakes next to the puppy head to make the ears.

Puppy Pancakes Recipe

Cut a strawberry in half for the nose and cut an additional strawberry into the shape of the tongue.  Use chocolate chips for the eyes and mini-chocolate chips for the mouth.  Your puppy pancakes are then ready for your little ones to eat.

how to make puppy pancakes

I hope you loved this pancake puppies recipe!  We thought they were adorable and my youngest still talks about getting to eat puppy pancakes.

Do you like making pancake art with your kids?

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