Photo Block Pencil holder Mod Podge washout

This week I received a box with Mod Podge Washout and Apple Barrel paint which I was so excited to use with my kids.   I love Mod Podge but I don’t normally let my kids use it because of the mess involved but Mod Podge Washout is pretty much the same great formula as Mod Podge gloss but it washes out of clothes with just soap and water, even after it has dried.  Bonus!  That makes it perfect for craft projects at home or school.

Mod Podge Washout Apple Barrel Paint

We decided to make Grandma a photo block pencil holder for her office, that my boys could give her for her birthday. (Hope she isn’t reading this. 😉 )

Photo Block Pencil Holder

Step 1-

Cut a 4 X4 block to the height you want it and drill small holes big enough to fit a pencil.  Sand it down until smooth. This is where my handy-dandy husband comes in.

Photo Block pencil holderStep 2 – Paint with your choice of paint.  I have used Apple Barrel paint for years because it comes in so many different colors and is great for projects with my kids as long as I wash it out while it is wet.  I’ve tried other “washable” paints for kids and they never seem to work well for our crafts.  I also love Spouncers from Plaid for my kids to paint with.  They are perfect for little hands.

Photo block pencil holder

Step 3- We let the paint dry and then the kids wanted to add polka-dots for some color.

Photo block pencil holder

Step 4- Let the paint dry completely and then add a layer of Mod Podge Washout to cover the paint and seal it.  While the Mod Podge is wet, add a picture of your choice.

Photo block pencil holder

Step 5 – After Mod Podge has dried enough so that the picture is secure, add another layer of Mod Podge over the top of the picture.

Photo block Pencil holder

Let the Mod Podge dry and repeat the above steps for each side and you are done!

Photo block pencil holder

I think this will make the perfect addition to Grandma’s office.  What do you think?  What creative things would your kids do with Mod Podge Washout?