I love crafts that are not only fun, but educational.  This Fill Your Pot of Gold activity  is something fun that the kids can make AND play! Kid will learn about counting money as they fill their pot of gold.

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Fill Your Pot O’ Gold –  St Patrick’s Day Activity

The holidays are a fun time for holiday-specific crafts and activities.  This St Patrick’s Day activity helps kids learn how to count change as they fill up their pot o’ gold.
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How to Make a Pot of Gold Game

Pot of Gold Game

Supplies Needed:


Start by cutting a “pot’ shape from the black craft foam. Glue it to the front of the cup or planter (we used a black planter cup). You can cut out a second one for the back, but it is not necesary. Let dry.

Pot of gold craft

Cut an envelope or “pocket” shape from the white craft foam. Staple it onto the front of the green
construction paper, leaving an opening at the top.

Draw a shamrock and any other decorations you want with the glitter glue. Pot of Gold Game

Fold the piece of yellow construction paper multiple times, cut out a circle. This will give you a whole bunch of yellow circles from just one cut!

Use the marker to draw different “cent” amounts on each coin. Place the coins in the pocket on the
green paper.

pot of gold game coins

Have a handful of real coins available. Make sure to have a good variety of quarters, dimes, nickels &

Pot of Gold game

Each child will take a turn picking a gold coin from the pocket, then making that amount in change.
If they are correct, they can add it to their pot!

For example- Jane picks a gold coin, it has 13¢ written on it. Jane will now figure out how to make 13¢
from the coins available. 1 dime, 3 pennies. She is correct! So Jane will add the coins to her pot.

Allow the children to keep the change or play for fun. Maybe set a dollar amount such as, whoever
makes it to $2 first wins! OR just use it as a learning tool, everyone wins.

Learn to count change collage

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