Getting my boys to do their chores can be a chore in itself, but these Printable Chore Charts have helped us keep on top of their responsibilities.

Chore Charts for Kids

Printable Chore Charts

I know very few kids who love doing chores.  I’m pretty sure my 3-year-old is the only one. 🙂  He loves helping me to clean up and especially loves “folding” laundry. (I wonder how long that will last!)  As we were trying to find a way for my boys to keep track of whether or not they had completed their chores, my oldest son decided to make up a couple of printable chore charts that he thought the other boys would like. (And can I say how awesome it is to have a kid old enough to make up printables for me!)

I recently posted about age-appropriate chores for kids.  You can use those suggestions to add chores to these chore charts depending on the ages of your kids.  My son made these chore charts based on two things that my boys love most: Superheroes and Minecraft.

Superhero Chore Chart

chore charts for boys

Print out this Superhero chart and use it as a simple way to remind kids of their chores, including simple things such as putting dirty clothes in the laundry and hanging up their towels after a shower.

Minecraft Chore Chart

Chore Chart

This Minecraft chore chart was designed to separate chores that need to be done everyday with those that are extra and can earn some type of reward.  I personally don’t feel that I need to give my kids anything for putting their dirty underwear in the wash or making their bed, but for bigger weekly jobs, I don’t mind letting them earn a reward for doing jobs without being asked or going the extra mile.  I mainly use this system over the summer when the kids are home all day and in need of a little more direction.

I hope these printable chore charts were a hit with your boys and that they now love doing their chores! (We can dream right. 😉 )

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