Printable Thanksgiving games are the most wonderful way to keep kids entertained and for you to keep your sanity while Thanksgiving dinner cooks. And Thanksgiving Charades is fun for the entire family.

Printable Thanksgiving Games: Thanksgiving Charades

Picture this for a minute. You are in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. Your extended family is on the way to your house and you are elbow high in mashed potatoes while the gravy is bubbling over on the stove. Then of course the kids run through the kitchen and start complaining about being hungry or bored. 

Have you been there? I know I have!

But those minutes before Thanksgiving dinner is ready don’t have to be so stressful for you! I always try to prepare with some fun printable Thanksgiving games for kids and I love Thanksgiving Charades! Playing charades is a great way to keep kids entertained while you get things done.

Thanksgiving Charades

Thanksgiving Charades is our newest addition to The Joys of Boys store, where we have charades games and other activities for every holiday.

The great thing about this printable Thanksgiving game is that you can just print it out, cut out the slips and play.

How to Play Thanksgiving Charades

To play Thanksgiving Charades:

  • Print and cut out the Thanksgiving Charades game
  • Divide everyone into two teams
  • Teams will send one player from each team to the front.
  • One of the people in the front of the room will pick out a slip of paper and they will each act out what that paper says to their team members.
  • The first team to get the correct answer, wins a point.
  • Play continues for as long as you want to play or until the slips of paper have run out.
  • The team with the most points is the winner!

Printable Thanksgiving games are so fun and handy to have on hand. Trust me, your sanity is worth it!

Get Thanksgiving Charades HERE!

Hope you have so much fun playing Thanksgiving Charades and eating lots of yummy Thanksgiving food!

What is your favorite family Thanksgiving tradition? 

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