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  • Take the stress out of planning your next Halloween party with these Printable Halloween games. This printable Halloween games bundle comes with four games that will be popular with kids and adults!
    • Halloween Charades
    • A Spooky Halloween Night Game - A writing game kids and adults LOVE!
    • Halloween Scavenger Hunt
    • Halloween Bingo
    This is a digital download. You will have immediate access as soon as payment is received.  No product will be mailed.
  • This Printable Road Trip Journal is the perfect way for kids to remember their favorite things about your next road trip. Just print out one set for each stop on your next road trip and have your children pass the time by filling in their favorite things about each stop. Not only will this make the trip go faster, but it will be a fun keepsake to look back on down the road. It is best to print on cardstock, hole punch each page and put in a binder. This Printable Road Trip Journal includes: 
    • A travel page listing location and date of travel
    • A page to share something they already knew about where they were going and something new they learned while there.
    • A page sharing what they were excited to see
    • And pages to list their favorite things from that stop
    • A place to draw their favorite part of the trip
    You will love reading back on their memories long after the trip has past. Keep a binder of all of their road trip journals over the years as a fun way to reminisce.
  • Whether you are heading out on a summer adventure or traveling through the snow to grandma's house for Christmas, traveling with kids can be challenging! This Road Trips Made Easy printable set makes traveling with kids a lot more enjoyable. Make the time spent traveling just as fun as the time spent at your final destination and don't stress about the little details along the way. Road Trips Made Easy is made of up 2o pages of resources including: 
    • Packing List for parents - A long check list of everything you could possibly need for a road traip with children.
    • Packing list for kids - Let kids pack their own clothes with the help of this packing list for kids.
    • Shopping List - Add missing items to this shopping list to keep things organizedbbe you head out to the store before your trip.
    • Road Trip Planning Destination sheet - Keep track of each stop on your trip with this planning destination sheet. Know what activities are within driving distance of your hotel, keep your reservations numbers handy as well as any important information you need to know about the places you are stopping.
    • Road Trip Snack Recipes - You can't expect to survive a long road trip with kids without some snacks on hand. This list includes some fun recipes that your kids will love.
    • Road Trip Songs - This is a list of some of the classic road trip songs you may know from your youth. Pass the time by singing these with your kids.
    • Prize Tags for prizes given at designated spots along the way - Reward good behavior in the car by giving out a fun prize at predetermined spots along the way. You could do this based on miles driven, time spent in the car or when you reach a specific destination. You can wrap up little gifts and use these tags to keep them straight and to keep kids excited about what is coming next.
    • Seven Pages of Road Trip Games - Road Trip games are the best way to entertain in the car! These are perfect because you can print them out, slip them in a sheet protector and use a wet-erase marker to mark them. Then the marker can be erased and the games played over and over again.
    • and Road Trip Jokes! Your kids will love these one liners! Have them make up a few of their own as well.
    Everything you need to make your next road trip with kids fly by!