It’s cold outside!  This Star Wars Hot Chocolate is just the thing to make while snuggling under a blanket and watching your favorite Star Wars episode.
Star Wars Hot Chocolate

Star Wars Hot Chocolate

We just returned from visiting our family “up North” and freezing in the process.  We desert rats don’t really do cold. Much of the country is buried in snow, and while we are enjoying slightly warmer temps outside, it still feels cold! And what do my boys want when it is cold? Cup after cup of hot chocolate.
I thought it would be fun to put a twist on traditional hot chocolate and make Star Wars Hot Chocolate!  We just saw Rogue One in the theater so we have Star Wars on the mind. (I’m pretty sure my boys always have Star Wars on their mind!)Star Wars Hot Chocolate
What could be more fun than floating Storm Trooper heads in your hot chocolate? This Star Wars hot chocolate is fun to drink at home or package it up to give as a gift to a neighbor or teacher.

How to Make Star Wars Hot Chocolate

Star Wars Hot Chocolate Supplies

Supplies needed:
1. Wipe the outside of a mason jar with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
Star Wars Hot Chocolate
2. Print out the Storm Trooper Templatewith a pencil and paper.
Storm Trooper Template
3.Place it onto the face of the jar and paint a white outline around the pattern.
4.Fill in the center of the storm trooper with white paint. Let dry for one hour. Paint a second and possibly third coat of white paint, letting dry an hour between each coat.

5. Lightly draw in pencil on the storm trooper to create the rest of the face. Paint the items with black paint and let dry completely.

Star Wars Hot Chocolate

6. If you’d like to cure the jars so the paint stays on, place the jar on a cookie sheet in a cool oven. Heat to 350 and bake for 30 minutes. Let cool in oven. Do not allow paint to come in contact with food (these directions are on the back of the paint, so each paint may vary).

7.To make marshmallows, use the black decorating pen to draw a Storm Trooper head on each marshmallow.

Storm Trooper Marshmallows

8. Once jar is cooled, fill it with hot cocoa powder and place marshmallows on top.


9.Screw the top on and give as a gift or enjoy as a family.

 Star Wars Hot Chocolate
Who do you know that would love this Star Wars Hot Chocolate? Make sure you share it with them!
Star Wars Hot Chocolate

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