Who doesn’t love Star Wars? To say my kids love Star Wars is an understatement. They love it so much, we created these Star Wars Window Clings.

Star Wars Window Clings

How to Make Star Wars Window Clings

Star Wars has been around forever, but the actors have stolen the hearts of thousands of people everywhere. Don’t fret though, these Star Wars Window Clings are easy to make and so much fun for the kids to create with. We have them all over our house, which is so much fun when you look around, it’s evident that Star Wars lovers live here.

I think the best part of these Star Wars Window Clings is how fun they are to make. It doesn’t take a lot of supplies, but they are truly a ton of fun! You can easily print off the Star Wars Window Clings Template right off my blog. If you need puffy paint, you can get it or pretty cheap. Most people have plastic Ziploc bags or these sheet protectors. I’d say these are probably cheaper than buying window clings at the store.

star wars window clings

Listed below are the materials you need to make the Star Wars Window Clings.


  • Printable Star Wars Template
  • Sheet Protector or Ziplock Bag
  • Puffy Paint
  • Used: Puffy 3D Paint in red, brown, green, silver metallic, black and white
  • Scribbles POP 3D Paint in Crystal Gel Holiday Green and Crystal Gel Pacific Blue

Step One:

Print off the Star Wars Window Clings Template.

Step Two:

Place the template inside the sheet protector or Ziploc bag. The template will help your Star Wars guys keep the shape. After they dry on the plastic, you’ll be able to pull off the clings and place them on the window. 

Star Wars Window Clings

Step Three: 

Use puffy paint to trace the images onto the plastic. My kids had so much fun with this! Tracing is already fun, but when you do it with puffy paint, it’s even more fun. Puffy paint is like the queen of paint. It’s thick, colorful, and allows kids to be creative! 

star wars window clings

Step Four:

Let dry overnight and place onto the window. Easy peasy, right? The kids are going to love sticking these on your windows. Don’t worry though, they easily come off! So, you don’t have to worry about them coming off or anything. Simple! 

Star Wars Window Clings

Here you will find these Star Wars Window Clings in action! This will make a fun Saturday morning activity to enjoy with the kids, since school has started. We all need activities that will keep them busy, but not make them overthink!

If you make these Star Wars Window Clings, let me know! I’d love to see your pictures.

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