It’s Valentine’s Day which means we had to have some fun Valentine Pancakes.  We love our Easy Valentine’s Breakfast that we have had in past years but this year we switched it up with these easy “Sugar Cookie” Valentine Pancakes.

Sugar Cookie Valentine PancakesSugar Cookie Valentine Pancakes

We have a tradition of making fun pancakes for each holiday.  These “Sugar Cookie” Valentine Pancakes are easy enough for even the most amateur of pancake makers. 🙂  And, no, these do not taste like sugar cookies unfortunately but since we always decorate our sugar cookies with fun frosting, I thought we could do the same with pancakes, except with whipped cream instead of frosting.  And, by the way, if you HAVE a real sugar cookie pancake recipe, please send it my way and we can be bffs for life.

Supplies needed:

Mix up your favorite pancake batter adding and add a bit of red food coloring to get to your desired pink color.  While you are mixing it up, turn a skillet or pan on low/medium.  The best way to get color to turn out in pancakes is to cook them at a low heat or else they will just turn brown.

If using a heart pancake ring, fill the rings with your pancake batter and cook until just barely browned on each side.  If using a cookie cutter, make circle pancakes and when you pull them off the heat, cut them with the cookie cutters.

Place them on a plate and use your cream whip topping to decorate the edges.

Making Valentine pancakes

And then you have fun and easy Valentine pancakes that your kids will love.

Valentine Pancakes

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions?

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