Do you want to know how to make my boys very happy? Combine their two favorite things: LEGO® and super heroes and make them available for different age groups.  I was thrilled to see that LEGO has done just that with their LEGO® Super Heroes building sets.

LEGO Super Heroes

Super Hero Word Bubbles for  LEGO® Super Heroes

All of  my boys have gone through a super hero stage, where every-day situations were turned into a mission to save the world.  With LEGO Super Heroes, they can act out the scenes from their favorite super hero movies and take their characters on endless adventures.  In fact, my favorite thing about LEGO is the fact that my boys’ imaginations can run wild as they create and make-believe.

LEGO Super Heroes

When my boys received their LEGO and LEGO Duplo Super Heroes building sets, they ripped the boxes open before I could even get a good look at them and they have been playing with them every day since. My 7-year-old pretty much never stops playing and building with LEGO, and he gets very frustrated when his 3-year-old brother wants to play with his creations.  I can often find him hiding somewhere with his portable LEGO table, trying to avoid having his brother destroy the things he has built.

LEGO Super Heroes

I love that the LEGO® Super Heroes building sets are available in three different age-appropriate lines, so even my youngest can get involved in the fun.  He loves his LEGO® DUPLO® Batman Adventure and my 7-year-old can’t believe how big Ironman and The Hulk are in The Hulk Buster Smash Set!  He had a lot of fun building them.

LEGO Super Heroes

We thought it would be fun to make up some Super Hero Word Bubbles to add to their imaginative play.  These worked perfectly for both the sets we have.  You can make your own by printing out the Super Hero Word Bubbles, cutting them out and then taping them to a sucker stick. You can print out your own here.
Super Hero Word Bubbles

The sucker sticks fit perfectly into the hands of the Duplo figures.  We also cut the sucker sticks to different lengths depending on the character that would be holding them.LEGO Duplo Super Heroes

And of course, as parents, we are never too old to play with LEGO sets with our kids.  You never know what types of adventures your children will take you on when you get down on the floor and get involved in their play.  Just do it! I promise you won’t regret it.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? 

Super Hero Word  Bubbles

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