Snowman Pancakes: Fun Christmas Breakfast

If you are looking for a fun Christmas morning breakfast idea, these Snowman pancakes will be a hit with your kids.  These are really easy to throw together because we all know that we don’t need any additional stress on Christmas morning.   Snowman Pancakes These Snowman Pancakes are probably one of my favorite holiday breakfast creations we have made.  I think the fact that it is just Frosty’s head makes this so much fun and my boys had fun eating them. […]

Easter Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Easter time for my kids involves finding candy, playing with cousins and Grandma’s epic Easter Egg hunt!  I also love to add a little bit of whimsy to our Easter breakfast and these Easter Breakfast Ideas for Kids are so fun! Easter Breakfast Ideas for Kids Springtime has always been my favorite time of year.  All growing up we had long, cold winters and you could always feel it when spring was coming.  Things started to thaw out, flowers started to pop through and my dad’s baby calves were born.  (Man, I wish my kids were living on a farm!).  And with Spring, comes Easter!  I love adding a little bit of extra magic to the holidays by preparing whimsical breakfasts for my boys.  I love all of these Easter Breakfast Ideas for kids and I can’t wait to make some for my boys.  […]

ABC: Back to School Breakfast

The first week back to school around here is always filled with excitement, expectations and a little bit of uncertainty and anxiety so we have a tradition of sending my boys off with a fun back to school breakfast.   Back to School Breakfast Throw Back Thursday post: This Back to School Breakfast from last year was a favorite of my boys and deserves another share for #TBT.  I love, love, love to make fun things out of pancakes for my boys and for the the first day of school we have an ABC back to school breakfast. This is one of those breakfasts that is simple to make yet your kids will love.  I know we don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to make breakfast. […]

Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast – 4-Leaf Clover Pancakes

It’s St Patrick’s Day!  Did you wear green?  We love making holiday breakfasts and this Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast was so fun for my boys.  Who do you know who would love lucky 4-Leaf Clover Pancakes? Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast – 4-Leaf clover Pancakes I love how much excitement my boys have over every little holiday. I was never really into celebrating St Patrick’s Day until I had kids.  I especially love listening to my son tell me all about the leprechaun that is going to come to school and bring treats.  (I hope it shows up!).  He asked me every single day if it is the day where he is supposed to wear green.  Last year we made these fun Leprechaun Pancakes for St Patrick’s Day and this year we went even easier by making this easy St Patrick’s Day breakfast of 4-leaf clover pancakes! […]

Fun Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids

I love holiday food and especially breakfast food.  I’m excited to be sharing fun Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids as well as an amazing giveaway! Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids If you have followed along with us for any amount of time, you know that we love creating fun food, especially breakfast foods. These Christmas Breakfast Ideas for kids are both fun and fairly simple to make and the best part of all…your kids will love them!!  These are a great way to make Christmas morning even more magical. […]

“Man”Cakes – The Perfect Father’s Day Breakfast

Father’s Day is right around the corner and one tradition we have in our house is making fun ManCakes for our dad. ManCakes for Father’s Day When I was young one of my favorite memories is when my dad would be home on Saturday mornings and would make us all sorts of different shaped pancakes.  I normally got a softball and bat or a treble clef since I loved softball and music.  My sister would often get a ballerina but he could make pretty much anything. Sometimes we’d just get a fun mancake that we could dress up or make or own.  I think that is where my love of making fun pancakes came about.  We also loved going to Denny’s or Village Inn and getting their ManCakes for breakfast. […]

PacMan Waffles

PacMan Waffles Last week I had the chance to attend the SNAP blogging conference in Salt Lake City. I had an amazing time meeting new friends and taking classes but when I returned home, my cupboards were more bare than poor Mother Hubbard’s. So, I turned to the one thing I could make with ingredients I could find in the house: waffles. It’s kind of funny because I think I may have brainwashed my kids into thinking that all breakfast food has to look like something fun, because when I served my 7-year-old his waffle, he ate the first quarter and said, “Look, it’s PacMan.” And that is how PacMan waffles were born. […]

Build Your Own Jack-O-Lantern Pancakes

Jack-o-Lantern Pancakes Ok, I admit, I can’t stop making fun breakfast foods for my kids during the holidays.  It’s like some sort of addiction.  Do they have a group called Pancake Makers Anonymous?  Because if so, I may need to join.  Last week I shared Frankenstein pancakes and today I’m sharing our Build your own Jack-o-Lantern pancakes.  […]

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