The first week back to school around here is always filled with excitement, expectations and a little bit of uncertainty and anxiety so we have a tradition of sending my boys off with a fun back to school breakfast.  Back to School Breakfast

Back to School Breakfast

Throw Back Thursday post: This Back to School Breakfast from last year was a favorite of my boys and deserves another share for #TBT. 

I love, love, love to make fun things out of pancakes for my boys and for the the first day of school we have an ABC back to school breakfast. This is one of those breakfasts that is simple to make yet your kids will love.  I know we don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to make breakfast.

For this, I just mix up your favorite pancake mix and pour it into a condiment bottle or other bottle with small opening.  I  knew that I didn’t have the skills to do it with just a spoonful of batter so I pulled out the same condiment bottles that I had previously used to fill with our homemade snow cone syrup, filled them with pancake batter, and they worked perfectly for writing.

Back to school breakfast

This is a fun way to let my 1st grader review his letters and put small words together.   My boys have fun mixing up the pancakes and forming words before eating them, which helps with some of the back-to-school jitters before they have to head out the door.

Back to School Breakfast

Next time, if we have a little more time, I will let my kids use these bottles to create their own pancake creations.  They love to help in the kitchen and I love when they can be creative with their food.

ABC Back to School breakfast

And then with full bellies, lots of hugs and a few quick pictures, they head off for their first day back to school.

Back to School

I always have mixed feelings when it comes time to send my boys back to school.  I love them more than words can say and although I don’t cry when they leave, I worry and worry and worry, until their feet come walking back through my door.  Last year I wrote about my thoughts on back to school in a post I called Roots and Wings.

I had to go back and read it and remind myself that I can work really hard to give my boys deep roots here at home but I also have to allow them to use their wings to fly, even if it means they might take a stumble or two.

Back to School

And so we start another school year of ABC’s, 123’s, homework, friends and fun and, even though I will continue to worry a bit about my boys while they are gone (I didn’t receive the nickname “Nervous Nellie” for nothing 🙂 ), I will remind myself that they are in good hands and that their little wings are still developing so that one day they will take off and soar.  I just hope time doesn’t go too quickly.

This year I wrote a letter to my boys on their first day of school with some of my favorite back to school quotes.  I’m so proud of my boys and the places I see them going.  They are growing too fast but are already becoming strong, capable and just plain awesome kids.

What is your favorite thing to serve for Back to School Breakfast?

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