It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If your kids are heading back to school soon, make this fun Back to School Breakfast to celebrate.

Back to School Breakfast: Pencil Waffles


Back to School Breakfast: Easy Pencil Waffles

I love making fun and creative meals for my boys and back to school time is the perfect time to get creative with our food.  We’ve made this ABC Breakfast in the past and my boys had fun creating words with their pancakes.  We also love to make these fun Pencil Waffles for our Back to School breakfast. 

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How to Make this Back to School Breakfast

I love that this breakfast can be put together in minutes.  Every mom knows how hectic the mornings before school can be, and while I love making homemade waffles for my boys, we actually used frozen waffles for this breakfast.

Back to School breakfast

Ingredients needed:

  • Frozen waffles
  • White bread
  • Raisins
  • Raspberries/Strawberries

To make:

  1. Toast the waffles until golden and then cut the largest portion into a large rectangle.
  2. Toast the bread and cut into triangles for the tips of the pencils.
  3. Add a raisin for the lead.
  4. Add either raspberries or cut up strawberries for the pencil eraser.

Back to School Breakfast

See, I told you it was easy!  This back to school breakfast can be made in just a couple of minutes and your kids will think it is the coolest.  I’ve said it before, but I have found that if I present fruit or veggies in a fun way that my kids will gobble them up. We’ve been making these every school for years (look how little they were!) and my boys always eat all of their raspberries and ask for more.

Back to School Breakfast

I really have a hard time believing that summer is coming to an end and we are heading back to school but I know these boys are going to have another great year!  I’m so grateful that I have such fun boys!!back to school breakfast

What are you making for your back to school breakfast?

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