Learning Sight Words with Letter Beads

Learning Sight Words with Letter Beads A couple of weeks ago this little guy was home from school sick with a fever and cough for an entire week.  Every morning he rolled out of bed and looked miserable so I knew I couldn’t send him to school.  Since he was missing so much school I wanted to find a fun way for him to at least practice his sight words.  I had received a box of fun craft supplies from CraftProjectIdeas.com and inside were these fun letter beads and fuzzy sticks.  I figured that would be a fun way for him to work on learning sight words as well as developing his fine motor skills. […]

Exercises for Kids: A Simple Way to Keep Kids Active

Exercises for Kids It is a new year and with the new year comes New Year’s resolutions.  Many of us set goals for our health and we start new exercise plans and determine to be more healthy than the year before.  Many people set family goals and one of our family goals is to be more active in general.  I came up with this “Exercise for Energy” jar filled with fun exercises for kids that my boys helped me come up with to help keep us active when we are stuck in the house. […]

With Kids vs. Without kids #Motherfunny with NickMom

     I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client. With Kids vs. Without Kids It has been 10 years now since I first became a mom.  Can you believe that? NickMom recently asked moms to share how life was different before vs after kids so let me share.  Even though I love being a mom there are times when I have to stop and laugh about how different times were before we had kids compared to now with 4 boys.  In fact, I have a hard time even remembering what it was like.  I’m sure it was quiet – really, really quiet. […]

Monday Motivation: You Are Special

You Are Special I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning this past month and I came across this book, hiding on one of my bookshelves: You Are Special by Max Lucado.  I received this book from one of my favorite teachers when I graduated high school and as I re-read the note he wrote me in the beginning as well as the rest of the book it brought back a lot of memories and made me want to read this book over and over again to my children.  If there is one thing I want to be sure that they know, it is that they are special, regardless of what other people may say or do to them. […]

Monday Motivation: It’s Just What Moms Do

It’s Just What Moms Do Last night I was startled awake by a horrible coughing sound coming from my boys’ room.  I was almost instantly on my feet and into their room to see who was sick.  It’s just what moms do. If you are a mom, you know what it feels like to be able to go from peacefully dreaming to wide awake and ready to take action in less than 1.3 seconds while your husband could sleep through a hurricane. Or is that just me? ha! I went into their room and found my 4-year-old coughing so hard his little body was practically folding in half but somehow he was still asleep.  So I went to work and did as any mom would do.  I gave him some cough medicine and a drink, got the humidifier going in his room and rubbed him up with mentholatum, all while he stayed asleep.  (He must get that from his dad 😉 )  And then I rubbed his back and I waited.  I waited for the coughing to subside and I waited for his little body to finally relax so that I could relax. And while I was lying there waiting to make sure the coughing went away, I thought of all of the other moms all over the world who were doing the exact same thing as I was for their babies.  Sitting up, even if it meant all night, to make sure their kids are safe and healthy and then the thought came to me, “That’s just what moms do”.  And it is. It’s just what moms do. […]

16 Things Moms of Boys Know

I don’t think anyone is truly prepared for what is in store when they become a parent for the first time but for a mom to boys it may seem like you have been zapped onto another planet.   How can these little people be so busy or so messy ALL the time?  There is no manual that can possibly prepare you to raise boys but here are a few things all moms of boys learn from on-the-job experience that can help others understand a bit more what our life is like. 16 Things Moms of Boys Know […]

10 Ways to Balance Motherhood So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

And so it begins!  The day that I tried to avoid as long as possible.    We are at the point where all three of my oldest boys are now involved in various activities.  Running two kids around seemed manageable, but three might just be the death of me.  I’ve always thought I was good at multi-tasking but just the thought of running in 3 different directions every night of the week has me feeling very anxious and overwhelmed.  And then I realize that I did this to myself.  I sacrificed my sanity so my kids can have different opportunities to have fun, be active and also to develop their talents.  Do all moms do that?  I think for the most part we do.  It’s in our nature to want our kids to be involved in the things that they are excited about and that teach them new skills.  I also feel like I have too much to do during the day so that my early evenings can be spent running kids around.  So how do I handle this time of my life without ending up in the loony bin? I’ve done a lot of reading on this topic and have come up with 10 ways to balance the demands of motherhood. 1- Learn to say no! I’ll be the first to say that I have a hard time with this one.  I want my boys to be involved in everything that they like but there comes a time where we have to make them choose which activities they like best.  It’s not only important for our sanity but theirs as well.  I know my kids have a heavier school load than I did at their age and getting them involved in too much extracurricular activities at such a young age could really stress them out.  Also,  I feel like I have a responsibility to help and serve not just my family, but people in my church and community as well.  And saying no gets me feeling really guilty.  We have to be able to be honest with ourselves and others and just say, “look, I really would love to be able to do that but I just can’t right now.”  And that answer is okay.  Our lives come in seasons and if you are a young mother with busy kids, your main service will be done in your home.  (And I’m not saying don’t serve others but know your limits and if things start affecting your health and sanity, it’s time to re-evaluate your commitments.) […]

10 things I Hope to Teach My Boys – A Father’s Perspective

I’d better hurry and get this posted or it won’t be Father’s Day anymore.  I am one lucky girl to have been blessed with the most amazing father and to have married the most wonderful man to be the father to my boys.  I hope all the fathers out there had a very happy Father’s Day today.  I asked my husband to “guest post” for me today and to share a few of the things that as a dad he hopes he is teaching our boys.   He is a wonderful example of what a father should be like and my boys are so lucky to have him as their daddy. […]

Tips for parenting your strong-willed child

Have a strong-willed child?  So do I!  From day 1 he’s been stubborn and what some would consider”difficult”.  I remember my grandma sending me newspaper articles when he was a baby/toddler on how to handle a difficult child. I remember everywhere we would go I would get unsolicited “advice” from all sorts of child behavior “experts”, normally in the form of elderly women whose own children “never acted like that”.    His years 3-5 were one constant frustration and struggle. I remember crying daily and feeling like I was failing as a mother.  But now I don’t see his strong-will as a negative, though it can be very frustrating and I definitely don’t want to break his strong will.  I know that as he learns to direct that drive and stubborn ambition into something positive that there will be no limit to the success he can have in life.  He is so self-driven and motivated and even at his young age he is looking to the future and making plans.   Yet we also deal with daily head-butting and arguing.  Yes some days our daily life feels more like a tug-of-war game where no one wins. When I came across this article it was exactly what I have been needing.   […]

Monday Motivation:They Lied to Me

Mama and My Boys I hope all mothers had a wonderful day yesterday on Mother’s day. My boys made me breakfast and gave me gifts of homemade cards and jewelry and my husband bought me some desert flowers to plant along the side of our house where our strawberries decided they couldn’t stand the heat.  Oh, and he even planted them, which is much better than receiving flowers and then having to plant them myself.   But let’s be honest,  the day after Mother’s Day may seem like somewhat of a let down when the pampering ends and it’s back to reality. When I was a single girl in college I came across the following story that I have saved over all these years.  I pull it out on those days when I start to wonder if what I am trying to do as a mother is really making a difference and if sacrificing a more glamorous type of lifestyle for dishes, laundry and piles of messes was really worth it. They Lied to Me About Life… by Jaroldeen Edwards bestselling author […]

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