I don’t think anyone is truly prepared for what is in store when they become a parent for the first time but for a mom to boys it may seem like you have been zapped onto another planet.   How can these little people be so busy or so messy ALL the time?  There is no manual that can possibly prepare you to raise boys but here are a few things all moms of boys learn from on-the-job experience that can help others understand a bit more what our life is like.

Things Moms of Boys know

16 Things Moms of Boys Know

1. That no matter how hard you try, you will never understand what goes on inside their little heads that makes them want to destroy everything that comes in their path.

Moms of Boys
2. That fighting and playing sound a lot a like!  And both are VERY loud!
3. That no topic of conversation is off-limits and that they will speak their minds to anyone at anytime, often leaving you red-faced and apologetic.
4. That one of the mysteries of the world is how a freshly bathed boy can walk outside for 2.5 seconds and come back in smelling like a wet dog.EVERY.TIME!
5.That everything and anything will be turned into a gun or a sword.

Moms of boys know:

6. That you must ALWAYS check pockets before washing clothes.  Little boys are hoarders and carry their best finds in their pockets.
7. That little boys have their own inside jokes and one little phrase or saying will be repeated over and over and they will giggle for hours.
8. That a cardboard box is better than any expensive toy you can buy them.
Moms of Boys
9. That in the eyes of little boys, couches are ships and carpet is either hot lava or crocodiles.
10. That to little boys there is only one food group: pizza!

Moms of boys know:

11. That firemen, policemen, “Armymen” and astronauts are the COOLEST people in the world and all little boys want to be one at one point in their lives .
12. That the strongest forts in the world are made from blankets and pillows.

Moms of Boys
13. That little boys are born with a natural instinct to BURN things.
14. That little boys are too busy to inconvenience themselves with things such as properly “aiming” into the toilet and they’ll do their business just about anywhere.
15. That the end of every day it will seem like you have just survived a hurricane and after the boys are settled in bed you will slowly walk out to assess the damage.

16. But most of all,  moms of boys know that there isn’t anything that compares to the love a little boy has for his mommy and that at the end of the day the hugs, kisses, cuddles and “I love you’s” make up for everything they put us through and though we might constantly feel exhausted we wouldn’t trade a single sticky kiss, smudged fridge, fingerprinted window, or hurricane-stricken living room for anything.

What things do you know from raising boys?

Raising boys

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