How to Make a Solar Oven

Okay, so hopefully it will never be needed to save our lives, but if we are ever without power for a long period of time, I now know that because of our new solar oven we will not go hungry, or without cookies. 😉

We finished our final school project of the year last week.  The project was to create something out of mostly recycled materials and after searching the internet, my 2nd grader chose to make a solar cooker out of cardboard boxes, aluminum foil and a large oven bag or “The Super Solar Oven” as he named it.How to make a solar oven

 How to Make a solar oven

My husband and son spent a couple of nights working on this and then he had to present it to the class as if he were trying to sell it.

He won first place for his advertisement and much to my amazement, one of the teachers at the school said that she has one of these that she makes bread in every summer.  Really? I have got to try that!!  I knew our desert sun had to be useful for something.  I thought this was just a silly little project but once I heard that it could actually cook, I had to give it a try.   So, I didn’t make bread but I thought I’d try some pan cookies. How to make a solar oven

I whipped these up, took off the lid of the cooker and put them in.  Then replaced the lid, positioned the cooker so the sun was hitting it just right and then we waited…and waited…and waited.How to Make a solar oven

I know you are dying to know what happened next.  Well…we waited some more.  And we moved the box to make sure the angle of the sun was right.

About 5 (yes 5) hours later ( I think it took longer because we started later in the day)

(drumroll please)

We had cookies!How to Make a solar oven

I was a definite sceptic but now I’m a believer!  I wonder what I should try cooking next.  Any suggestions?  If there’s ever an emergency and you run out of electricity and cookies, you’ll know where to come.  But make sure to bring your patience cause good things come to those who wait…and wait…and wait.

To build your own Super Solar Oven you can find the instructions as well as tips and recipes for using your oven here.

This is one school project that we plan to keep!

If you are interested in solar ovens but don’t want to make your own, there are many different types of solar ovens out there.