If you are raising boys, you know that they are full of surprises.  I’ve asked moms of boys from all across the globe to answer the question, “You Might Be Raising a Boy if…”  and gathered all of their hilarious responses.

Raising a boy

You Might Be Raising a Boy if…

I think each and every mom of boys could write a book about the crazy antics that they have witnessed while raising boys.  I decided we needed to compile a few of their stories so I invited moms from my Moms of Boys Community as well as some of my favorite bloggers to answer the question, “You Might Be Raising a Boy if…” and their answers are hilarious!

Raising a boy

You Have a Lot of “Potty Problems”…

You Might Be Raising a Boy if…

  • You have to have “family meetings” about how pee got on the ceiling. |Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures
  • You’ve said “Don’t pee on your brother” more than once! | Karen from Raising Little Superheroes
  • You’ve ever fallen into your toilet in the middle of the night. | Kelly from 3 Boys and a Dog
  • You purposely keep an empty Gatorade bottle or two in your car! | Angela from Rockin Boys Club
  • You’re in the car and your son has to pee and you immediately think “where’s an empty bottle or coffee cup”. | Lisa D
  • You have to check the toilet seat for wet spots before sitting down. | Melissa Jean S.
  • If you have more plungers than toilets! | Melissa S.
  • They pee everywhere! | Crystal V.
  • Bathroom smells of wee even though you clean it twice a day…you also know to avoid all puddles on the floor. Before taking a bath you have to empty it of Star Wars, Avengers and Spiderman bath toys | Mal M.

And Potty Language!

  • You find the word BUTT on your van side mirror in the morning. | Tabitha from Meet Penny

Raising boys

  • The Valentine’s day card you received from your children had the words “poop”, “pee”, and “butt” written in it multiple times |Adrienne S. Las Vegas
  • Boogers and peepee are words used at your dinner table… | Mary R.

Farts and Bodily Noises are a Regular Part of Your Day

You might be raising a boy if…

  • You often hear the words “wait for it…wait for it…” at the dinner table then hear the eruption of laughter as he farts. | Erin from Putting Socks on Chickens
  • He toots and laughs hysterically about it. | Vanessa from Mamas Happy Hive
  • If you have to say “if you keep pushing that hard, you’re going to poop yourself” numerous times a day, during their never ending fart wars. | Deanna D.
  • Burping contests after dinner are the nightly norm. | Nina S.

Raising boys

Nudity is Normal

You Might Be Raising a Boy if…

  • You see naked butts way more now than you did in college… | Leah from The Dog’s a Boy Too
  • You’re constantly telling them to take their hands out of their pants. | Orlena from Snotty Noses
  • You have a ground rule for dinner that reads: must wear clothing. | Marnie from Carrots are Orange
  • You have to remind your kid that stickers are for paper. Not your penis. | Brett from This Mama Loves
  • You’ve been told by a pediatrician, “Get used to it Mama, he’ll be playing with it for the rest of his life and no, he will not pull it off.” | Elizabeth B. -Palm Coast, FL
  • You have to ask if he put on a clean pair of underwear after his shower.  |Diane from PhilZendia

Your Pantry and Fridge are Always Empty

You Might be Raising a Boy if…

  • You make it out of he grocery store with only one cart of food, and you consider that a good shopping trip. | Kara from The Joys of Boys

Raising boys

  • What you used to spend on groceries seems like pocket change compared to the amount you’re dishing out these days…and they’re not even teenagers yet! | Ana from Mommy’s Bundle
  • Someone comes into your kitchen asking for a pre-dinner sandwich at 5pm. | Shannon from Bento Lunch
  • There is no food in the cupboards even after you have been shopping. | Jen from Mum in the Madhouse

LEGO, Superheroes and Hot Wheel, Oh MY!

Boys have a lot of STUFF and you will find it in the most random places!

You Might be Raising a Boy if..

  • You cannot eat, sleep, bathe, or leave the house without some sort of “superhero accessory”. | Felicia M Sacramento

You Might Be Raising a Boy if..

  • You have to watch your step in the shower in the morning because of all the hot wheels cars under your feet. | Kate from Kitchen Floor Crafts
  • Have more cars inside your house than there are in the entire parking garage at the mall.  | Erika from Pray Species
  • You learn that family movie night has to include superheros, crude humor or something that blows up — an “No kissing!”  | Jacquie from KCEdventures
  • Your vocal chords hurt by midday from doing “bad guy voices.” | Kate from Nourishing Little Souls
  • You have enough LEGO to open a store. | Gina from East Coast Mommy
  • When you pull back the covers on your bed and find this.  | Cindy A.

Raising a boy

  • You wake up to a sword and Batman mask next to your bed! | Thaleia from Something 2 Offer
  • You find legos, Pokemon cards and little green army men in your wash. | Rachael from Adventures in Wunderland
  • If hot wheels and Legos are the main decor in your living room. | Jennifer V.
  • You have to set up rules that all sports gear’s put in the trunk, before entering the car. | Beth from iGameMom
  • You empty out pockets full of rocks, toy cars, sticks and dirt when you’re doing the laundry! | Niki from Play and Learn Everyday
  • Your hallway is a minefield of Legos. | Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts
  • You empty your purse and find a bunch of cars and action figures.  |  Tanya A., Chula Vista

Raising a boy

They love things that Vroom and ROAR!

You Might Be Raising a Boy if…

  • You know the name of more dinosaurs than you did when you studied them at university as well as the correct was to pronounce them. | Cerys from Rainy Day Mum
  • You learn more about vehicles, dinosaurs, sharks than you ever thought you’d know by reading his favorite books over and over. | Christina from There’s Just One Mommy
  • You get excited & yell out every time you pass a construction site…even if you’re alone.  | Megan from HEN Family
  • He has more transport mode words than anything else in his vocabulary by age 2.  | Annabelle from Piri-Piri Lexicon

Wrestling, Rough Play and Dare-Devils

You might be raising a boy if…

  • There’s typically a blanket fort in the living room with a wrestling match going on inside!| Kara from The Joys of Boys

Build the best blanket fort

  • Hearing the words “hey, watch this” send you running to the source!! | Kelli from 3 Boys and a Dog
  • You have to tell your kids they are not allowed to jump off the roof when they have friends over.  |Chris from Campfires and Cleats
  • You’ve had to explain that yoga is not a contact sport. | Erika from Pray Species
  • You’ve implemented a “no wrestling before breakfast” rule at your house. | Melissa from Fireflies and Mudpies
  • You have given up on the couch is not for jumping rule and have been to the ER more than once for either concussions or stitches. | Amy from Umbrella Tree Cafe
  • Fist bumps are a natural celebration response. | Tanya S.  Tennessee
  • Your going non stop all day. I work from son up to son down. | Brittany L.
  • Wrestling is the first suggestion for “what game should we play” | Teresa R.
  • You feel more like a jungle gym then a mom some days. | Megan T
  • Their first game was “jump on daddy”.  | Niola McLean
  • You have a speed pass at the ER. | CJ B.
  • Your “mom of girls” friend tries to warn you that your son is jumping out of her daughters crib like Spider-Man and you just shrug and say “he’ll be fine” | Ashlee M. San Diego
  • Busted knees and elbows are a regular weekly occurrence but he’s actually crying because I said he couldn’t go back out and play for a bit. | Yacenia W.

Raising boys
Boys are Destructive!

You Might Be Raising a boy if…

  • There are holes in the knees of every single pair of their blue jeans.  |Amanda from Dirt and Boogers
  • Every pen in the house is dismantled and repurposed as a screwdriver. | Menucha from Moms and Crafters
  • You have to buy new tennis shoes every 7 or 8 months because the old ones are worn out.  | Mae from Outdoors Mom
  • The play food is more often used to play dodge ball than it is used with the play kitchen. | Alyssa from Arts and Crackers
  • Your floors are covered in mud tracks 5 seconds after you cleaned them. | Krystal P.
  • The only unbroken crayons left in your coloring box are pink. | Denise from STL Motherhood

I want to hear from YOU!

How would you answer, “You Might Be Raising a Boy if…?”

Raising a boy

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