I spent the morning hanging out with a bunch of adorable Kindergarten kids at their class Christmas party. As I was preparing a game for them, I was searching for some free Christmas printables kids will love and found so many great ideas!

Free Christmas Printables Kids Will Love

17 Free Christmas Printables Kids Will Love

We have a couple of super fun printables in The Joys of Boys store. Christmas Charades is our favorite holiday game to play together as a family. And every year we take our boys on a Christmas Lights Scavenger hunt. These are great because you can download them and be ready to play in seconds.

If you are looking for some fun and free Christmas printables, you will love this list. Use these Christmas printables to simplify your Christmas planning.

You will find Christmas cards, letters to Santa, coloring pages, and so much more.

Free Christmas Printables Kids Will Love

1. Printable Disney Christmas Coloring Pages
2. Printable Christmas Coloring Place Mats
3. Printable Christmas List
4. Printable Christmas Planner
5. Printable Christmas Bingo Game
6. Printable Thank You Christmas Card
7. Printable Christmas Songbook
8. Printable Letter To Santa
9. Printable Recipe Cards
10. Free Christmas Printable
11. Paper Cookies
12. Printable Christmas Planner
13. Printable Lego Building Ideas Countdown Calendar
14. Printable Christmas Envelopes
15. Christmas Printable
16. Printable Santa Bookmarks
17. Printable Penguin Christmas Card

Every year I say that I won’t overdo things at Christmas and then it seems like there is always so much to do. I get excited when I find things online that can make things easier for all of us! Hopefully these Christmas printables are helpful to you! And save this page for the next time you have to plan the Kindergarten party! It will make life so much easier.

Free Christmas Printables Kids will Love!!

What do you do to simplify Christmastime for your family? Which of these free Christmas printables was your favorite? 

And make sure to hop over to The Joys of Boys store and get our Christmas Charades game. You will have SO much fun playing this with your family. Kids and adults love it!

If you have the tradition of looking at lights with your family, grab our Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt! This is one of our favorite traditions.

Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hung