Looking at Christmas lights as a family is one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  This printable Christmas light scavenger hunt adds to the fun as kids search high and low for everything on the list.

Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hung

Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

We have several Christmas traditions that I try to keep going with my boys.  One of their favorites is when they get on their pjs and we load up in the car to go and look at Christmas lights.  Sometimes it is just around the neighborhood and sometimes we’ll drive an hour or so to a bigger city to see some extravagant displays.

This was our first year turning it into a scavenger hunt and it was a huge success.  Even my older boys, who tend to get bored looking at lights, got involved in the search to find everything on the list.

I was surprised at how hard it was to find some of the items on the list. You would think that you could easily find the grinch hanging around, but he took us awhile to spot.  Luckily we have some penguins in front of our own house or they would have been tricky too!

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

I love sharing fun Christmas games and activities with my readers and I really think your kids will have fun with this! You can grab your printable Christmas light scavenger hunt here:

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Do you go out and look for Christmas lights with your kids? What is your favorite Christmas tradition? 

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