4th of July Recipes

Our 4th of July festivities are in full swing!  Sparklers, Pop-its and Red Vines are bought and now we’re just getting excited for the fireworks.  To go a long with our festivities we had a fun patriotic dinner tonight.

Fruit Rockets:Fruit Rocket - 4th of July recipe

I have to laugh at the fact that my boys will eat anything if it comes in the form/shape of something they like and what little boy doesn’t like rockets?  These are pretty self-explanatory.  I used 4th of July party picks, strawberries, blueberries and bananas.  Yummy!patriotic-pasta

Patriotic Pasta:

We made some red and blue pasta by adding food coloring to the water while the noodles cooked. And, um yes, you have to cook them in separate pots, just in case you were wondering how I magically separated the colors. ;). And we topped it off with our favorite  alfredo sauce.  Pasta couldn’t possibly get more patriotic than that!

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