I have so many fond memories of counting down the days until Christmas as a child. This is a great list of Christmas advent calendars kids will love! Each will build so much anticipation until the big day!

Advent Calendars Kids

Christmas Advent Calendars Kids Will Love

Help add to your child’s Christmas memories by starting a new tradition with an advent calendar. All you need to do is pick one (or two!) of your favorites and start your tradition on December 1st. Pick a time of day when everyone in the family is home so they can all get in on the excitement.

Instead of counting down the days until Christmas, kids will start counting down the minutes until they can open the next box or door.

Advent Calendars Kids Love

Keep Christ in Christmas

Besides the chocolate and jelly bean advent calendar, all of the other options can be used year after year. This will create lasting memories for your family to cherish.

Advent Calendars Kids Love

Will you be starting an advent calendar tradition in your home? Which of these Advent calendars kids love is your favorite? 

And check out some of our favorite Christmas traditions: 

Christmas Traditions My Boys love

Christmas Traditions My Boys Love

Keep Christ in Christmas

Simple Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas


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